Optimizing the Performance of Soldiers in Combat.

Stefania Palace, Budapest, Hungary - NATO's fifth Innovation Challenge ended on 29 October 2019 in Budapest, Hungary. More than 40 high-level solutions from 14 nations that dealt with Leader development were considered. Eight finalists pitched online and two finalists were selected to pitch on site. The winner of the NATO Innovation Challenge,  Sana Health Inc.,  helps the modern fighter tackle the increasing cognitive demands of modern warfare, exponentially more information in decision making and a greater need for mental resilience than ever before. In practice, those stresses can result in serious challenges to soldiers, sailors airmen and airwomen, including Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and other mental challenges as well as fatigue mitigation. Sana’s solution is a device (pictured) that uses audiovisual neuromodulation to produce optimized recovery periods.

Sana goggles guide the user into a state of relaxation in 10 minutes. In addition to the immediate relaxation effects, the device helps return the brain to optimum brainwave status. This technology has applications across pain, addiction, anxiety and sleep problems. More widely, Sana Health is getting recognition for its therapeutic solutions and has helped raise recognition of the need for clinically proven alternatives to pharmacological solutions in the neurosphere.

This challenge, co-organized by Allied Command Transformation, the Modernization Institute of the Hungarian Defense Forces and Old Dominion University. For more information on the NATO Innovation Challenge please look here.