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A new Resilience Data Analytics tool

March 24, 2022

A new Resilience Data Analytics tool

Confirming the value of agile development process to respond to operational pain points, the Allied Command Transformation’s Innovation Hub with the support of the NATO Communications and Information Agency Data science teams has recently delivered to the Joint Force Command Brunssum an operationally relevant new Data Analytics tool to indicate levels of Resilience for specific areas of interest.

The Resilience Data Analytics Tool uniquely indicates levels of resilience by coupling open-source data with big data analytics, machine learning, and data visualization. Exploiting massive quantities of publicly available data helps identify potential shocks to NATO operations.

This tool is a Data science-based Minimum Viable Product, that is to say a version of a product with just enough features to be used. This product is developed through successive iterations and continuous user-in-the-loop testing and experimentation, the effort continuing until the minimum level of service required to be viable is reached.

Its interactive dashboard provides NATO users a media section to search keywords and Baseline Requirements of Resilience topics. At the same time, it scrapes vast amounts of public media to analyse as needed. The end-user receives an overview of media by country interpreted from over 44 languages.

The tool also demonstrated potential assessing the seven Baseline Requirements of Resilience within the Baltic States and Poland and will be showcased in September 2022 during NATO’s DYNAMIC MESSENGER Exercise.

NATO’s complex challenges require expedited results. This rapid delivery of the Resilience Data Analytics Tool was possible thanks to the Allied Command Transformation Innovation Hub’s Agile methodology and Open Innovation. Allied Command Transformation’s Innovation Hub is an open collaboration community of people and entities developing innovative ideas and solutions to the challenges NATO faces.

“Since 2013, Allied Command Transformation’s Innovation Hub is the space where NATO and the Nations embrace rapid innovation and Agile product development parallel to NATO’s Warfare Development,” said Lieutenant Colonel Alfred J. Rosales, USA Air Force and Head of the Allied Command Transformation Innovation Hub. “Agile development allows NATO to develop products that respond to complex change, risk, and uncertainty while addressing specific problems that NATO is experiencing.”

The developers’ community includes academia, industry and innovators from the public while, in addition to the developers, the community includes end users and capability designers, all working towards innovative solutions to operational needs. The Allied Command Transformation Innovation Hub is the place where experts collaborate and design solutions meeting NATO challenges. By bringing together people with different backgrounds or perspectives, the Allied Command Transformation Innovation Hub generates a better understanding of the issues, and fosters innovation. The products delivered by the Allied Command Transformation Innovation Hub are available to all of its members.