NATO's Strategic Warfare Development Command

NATO Defense College Visits NATO Allied Command Transformation

October 3, 2023

NATO Allied Command Transformation hosted the Senior Course from the NATO Defense College in Rome, Italy, which is composed of 83 course members coming from 35 different nations, on October 2nd, 2023 for an array of dialogues and presentations. The College holds a vital position in advancing the Alliance’s collective security by means of education, research and networking.  The Senior Course aims to broaden the course members’ understanding of NATO and the international security environment.

Supreme Allied Commander Transformation, General Philippe Lavigne, French Air and Space Force, received Lieutenant General Max Nielsen, Royal Danish Air Force, Commandant of the NATO Defense College, and additional members of the NATO Defense College, for a series of discussions on NATO Allied Command Transformation engagements and priorities. Topics included the NATO Warfighting Capstone Concept, Multi-Domain Operations, Digital Transformation, and Emerging Disruptive Technologies.

Founded in 1951, The NATO Defense College is a military educational institute located in Rome, Italy. Its mission is to cultivate critical, creative, and strategic thinking concerning the Alliance’s key challenges. In pursuit of this goal, the College focuses on providing senior-level education to military and civilian officials, fostering the development of multinational consensus-building skills, and strengthening Alliance cohesion through multicultural networking opportunities. They deliver six on-site courses annually for specific audiences.

Additionally, the NATO Defense College conducts research supporting academic programmes and engages with designated stakeholders to advance Alliance strategic objectives and values. It provides high-quality education and training for NATO staff, enabling greater cooperation and understanding among NATO member and partner nations. The NATO Defense College fosters dialogue and exchange of knowledge between military and civilian leaders throughout the Alliance, promoting collaborative development amongst attendees and fostering enduring, strategic partnerships.

NATO Allied Command Transformation, as one of NATO’s two strategic commands, leads the warfare development of military structures, forces, capabilities and doctrines in order to navigate the evolving landscape of warfare. To foster the growth of future Alliance leaders, the NATO Defense College frequently engages with Allied Command Transformation in Norfolk, in order to stay informed regarding all aspects related to the evolution of the Military Instrument of Power.