NATO's Strategic Warfare Development Command

Command and Control Centre of Excellence Hosts Annual Centres Of Excellence Directors Conference

October 4, 2023

AMSTERDAM – Colonel Mietta Groeneveld, Director of the Command and Control Centre of Excellence, hosted 29 NATO-accredited Centre of Excellence directors and their representatives from various countries at the Marine Establishment Amsterdam, The Netherlands, from September 24th to 27th, 2023.

The aim of the annual NATO Centre of Excellence Directors’ Conference is to foster interaction between Directors of the Centres, and equivalent representatives from NATO bodies and multinational organizations in a way to better coordinate and provide valuable expertise to NATO. Each of the 29 NATO-accredited Centres of Excellence play a major role in challenging NATO, conceptually and intellectually. They are unique and respected organizations within NATO and while they do not duplicate existing efforts within the Alliance, they do maintain functional relationships with NATO’s Strategic Commands, and are encouraged to build relationships with additional national and multinational partners.

“All NATO-accredited Centres of Excellence have in their Centre of Excellence mission and vision, the support of NATO’s transformational efforts as a guiding principle […] Centres of Excellence are more agile and are able to speed up this support with the needed ”speed of relevance” because they are outside the NATO Command Structure.”

COL Mietta GROENEVELD, Command and Control Centre of Excellence Director

The Centres’ Directors discussed the implementation of NATO’s Warfighting Capstone Concept, actions in support of the Warfare Development Agenda, Allied Command Transformation’s key priorities like Multi-Domain Operations and Digital Transformation, in order to enhance their support to the Alliance with their annual programmes of work.

“NATO is in an inflection point, with new security challenges and new technologies, but also with new opportunities therefore Centres of Excellence need to be smart and agile”

Mr Robert Weaver, NATO Deputy Assistant Secretary General for Defence Investment

Located in Utrecht, The Netherlands, the Command and Control Centre of Excellence was established in 2007 on the initiative of the Netherlands to create a group of Command and Control Subject Matter Experts supporting the transformation activities of Supreme Allied Commander Transformation and of the Sponsoring Nations. The Centre supports NATO, nations and international institutions/ organisations with subject matter expertise on Command & Control.

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