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NATO Allied Command Transformation Launches Innovation Challenge Fall 2022: Data Management in Context of Reconstruction Efforts

August 5, 2022

NATO Allied Command Transformation Launches Innovation Challenge Fall 2022: Data Management in Context of Reconstruction Efforts

Norfolk, VA, USA – NATO’s Allied Command Transformation Innovation Hub in partnership with the NATO Communications and Information Agency (NCIA) and the Romanian Ministry of Defense are hosting the NATO Innovation Challenge – Fall 2022 in Romania. The Challenge will develop creative solutions to challenges of data management and security in the context of reconstruction efforts.

This edition of NATO Innovation Challenge, through a fictitious scenario related to current global events, calls for creative tools and strategies for securing and managing data in a contested environment. A contested atmosphere may include one or more antagonistic forces seeking to disrupt Allied data usage and flows. In past reconstruction efforts in the Balkans and Iraq, data management was a relevant concern. Although hypothetical, this scenario is playing out in the real world and is likely to become increasingly relevant to the Alliance.

The Innovation Challenge is open to all NATO Nations. It offers high visibility to participants and their innovative solutions. For the winners the Challenge offers the possibility of funding and development for their product to scale. In addition to a monetary prize, the NCIA will highlight the winners of this 2022 edition at the NATO Edge Flagship Conference on October 25th-27th.

In light of the invasion of Ukraine, data management and security have continued to be vital pieces of the security puzzle. Military and commercial sectors are highly interconnected for transport, communications, and even basic supplies such as food and water. Establishing, maintaining, and deploying resilient systems is key to both civil preparedness and military capacity. This challenge will broadly focus on resilience from a whole-of-society perspective, meaning that it combines civilian, economic, commercial and military factors. Within the scenario the Challenge lays out, the Alliance’s ability to sustain cyber attack, secure data in a contested environment and accomplish the mission will be primary objectives. Resources from local or national industry, partner militaries, and civil society could be leveraged. The Challenge also emphasizes the importance of planned data collection, secure data sharing and effective data management during the crisis.

The NATO Innovation Challenge, initiated in 2017, is a brainstorming process aimed at resolving common Alliance and Partner Nation operational challenges efficiently and cost-effectively. The Challenge gives priority access to non-traditional innovators such as individual developers, start-ups and academia. It also expands and deepens Alliance networks and collaboration with industry and academia, especially through the NATO Innovation Network. The NATO Innovation Network strives to develop a shared culture of innovation among NATO Nations and inspire transformation.

Who can register? All eligible individuals, teams or suppliers can register for the challenge. Each individual must register separately. Solutions must be submitted by the team representative only. Solutions can include any combination of methodologies, concepts, techniques, and technologies.

When? September 19, 2022, is the deadline for submissions. On October 12, 2022, the three winners will be announced.

How? Join the challenge and register HERE!