NATO's Strategic Warfare Development Command

Allied Command Transformation Leadership Welcome NATO Support and Procurement Agency General Manager to Discuss Current and Future Cooperation

March 28, 2023


General Philippe Lavigne welcomed Ms. Stacy Cummings on March 28, 2023, to discuss the NATO Support and Procurement Agency’s vision, its support to Allied Command Transformation’s initiatives, and its coordination efforts as part of NATO’s Common Funded Capability Development activities.

Allied Command Transformation is committed to developing and delivering the capabilities required by NATO so the Alliance and its warfighters are able to maintain a decisive advantage over all adversaries. To this end, Allied Command Transformation is working to resolve common capability shortfalls among Allies that are critical to NATO’s defence and deterrence efforts. Currently, these efforts include contributing to the NATO Defence Planning Process by determining Minimum Capability Requirements, developing Capability Target packages, and managing Common Funded Capability Delivery projects.

Supreme Allied Commander Transformation, General Philippe Lavigne and NATO Support and Procurement Agency General Manager, Ms. Stacy Cummings discussed her vision and ambition for the Agency, as well as her proposal for the Ammunition Central Stock Concept-Revolving Fund. They also spoke about their shared ambitions for NATO 2030 and the importance of Common Funded Capabilities, with an emphasis on the Alliance Future Surveillance and Control project.

The ongoing support between Allied Command Transformation and the NATO Support and Procurement Agency remains a key component of the Alliance’s warfare development efforts, particularly as it relates to Digital Transformation. Speaking on this point, General Lavigne stated, “In short, what we need for NATO’s Digital Transformation is to change the rules for a change of paradigm, toward more speed and agility.” Ms. Cummings added, “The close collaboration between the NATO Support and Procurement Agency and Allied Command Transformation is key to deliver common funded capabilities to the Nations of the Alliance. Our close co-operation will also facilitate a more rapid development of essential capabilities and therefore enhance responsiveness where it is most needed.”

Ms. Cummings also met with the Assistant Chief of Staff Rear Admiral Imran Demirbilek and Deputy Assistant Chief of Staff Brigadier General Ivar Knutten of the Capabilities Branch. In addition to the topics discussed with General Lavigne, they also exchanged views on Allied Command Transformation’s priorities for 2023, focusing on the subject of digital transformation and multi-domain operations. Ms. Cummings also provided an update of common funded projects of interest such as Enablement Support Services and Maritime Science and Technology, and presented options to enable consistent early engagement with the NATO Support and Procurement Agency during these programs.

Assistant Chief of Staff Brigadier General Thorsten Jorgensen of the Requirements Branch tackled the topic of innovation, with an emphasis on the Defence Innovation Accelerator for the North Atlantic, or DIANA.

The NATO Support and Procurement Agency is the Alliance’s lead organization for multinational acquisition, support, and sustainment. It brings together the required acquisition, logistics, medical, and infrastructure capabilities under a common procurement framework to provide cost-efficient solutions that meet customer requirements in all domains. Since 1958, it has acquired, operated, and maintained its deliverables from ‘cradle to grave’ while maintaining strong links with industry and Nations.