Saturday, December 03, 2016
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Newcomers & Serving Staff

This Newcomers' & Serving Staff area is designed to assist personnel and their family members during the relocation process to the United States and throughout their tour of duty.  These collection of pages and links contain a wealth of information related to Legal Assistance and Personal Transition, Military Personnel and Civilian Personnel check-in requirements and Staff Training requirements.

You may want to know more about the Organization, the latest ACT Structure, National Representatives, or the Biographies of our Command Group, our Mission and our History, or our Former Commanders.

On our website you can also find pictures of our previous events, informative videos and the electronic version of our magazine, The Transformer.

Legal Assistance Section, Office of the Legal Advisor

The primary mission of the Legal Assistance Section, Office of the Legal Advisor, is to provide individualized legal support and personal transition information to HQ personnel and their dependents.

legal logo 2014 150The Legal Assistance sectionSection can assist with topics to include but not limited to immigration, visas, eligibility for healthcare, finding a home in the local area, United States Customs issues associated with importing household goods, vehicles and personal articles, opening bank accounts and associated forms, purchasing and registering vehicles, obtaining Virginia driver’s licenses, personal property tax exemptions, local vehicle registration requirements and exemptions, social security numbers, dependent employment authorization eligibility, traffic laws both on and off the military installations/bases, and similar issues.

HQ Staff Training Section

The mission of the HQ Staff Training Section is to provide internal training to staff personnel, ensuring that they are fully trained and educated to work effectively within HQ SACT.


Our Section will help you to familiarize quickly with NATO and HQ SACT and to better understand the HQs output, structure and working processes. Your training will always begin with orientation and, after being settled, continue with more "in depth" cross functional training and training necessary for individual posts and evolving professional development.

We can be reached at: +1 757 747 3334/4034/4327/4410, don't hesitate to contact us even before your arrival in Norfolk!