NATO's Strategic Warfare Development Command

NATO Partnerships 360 Symposium

July 13, 2019

NATO Partnerships 360 Symposium

On June 11th – 13th, the second edition of the NATO Partnerships 360 Symposium was held at the NATO Maritime Interdiction Operational Training Centre in Chania, Greece.

The event brought together around 170 participants from 27 of the 29 NATO Allies, 24 of the 41 Partner nations, the European Union and the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe, to stimulate a free exchange of ideas regarding Projecting Stability and the use of new technologies in the face of hybrid challenges.

The event, co-hosted by NATO’s Allied Command Transformation and NATO’s International Staff Political Affairs and Security Policy Division, engages the partnership network and community in a “one NATO” spirit of political-military cooperation. Numerous leaders from across the Alliance joined together to challenge established practices.

Ambassador Alejandro Alvargonzález, NATO Assistant Secretary General for Political Affairs and Security Policy said, “NATO cannot address today’s security challenges alone. We need partners. Not only in support of our missions and operations, but also to develop common situational awareness. Fostering these partnerships […] is a fine balancing act between adaptability and stability.”

Admiral Manfred Nielson, NATO Deputy Supreme Allied Commander Transformation, expressed his views on NATO’s need to streamline processes in a “One-NATO” approach, “We need to re-focus on interoperability beyond the military domain to aggregate a valid picture involving many different stakeholders, especially in the field of data analysis. Allied Command Transformation, as the Alliance’s Warfare Development Command, has a leading role in adapting the Alliance for the future. How can we optimize our partnerships and ensure our partners ability to interact with the Alliance more effectively? How can we expand the role of our partners?”

Major General Petros Domestichas, Hellenic General Staff, and Ambassador Nikolaos Plexidas, Hellenic Ministry of Foreign Affairs, opened the venue, followed by keynote speeches delivered by several NATO leaders.

Participants were also invited to openly discuss and share their expertise and opinions in breakout sessions, discussing different partnerships topics.

The conference will be followed by a summary report that will be circulated among participants for their consideration. Allied Command Transformation will partner with NATO’s Political Affairs and Security Policy Division to complete the Conference Report by early July. The joint report will capture information applicable for NATO Headquarters.