NATO's Strategic Warfare Development Command

NATO Exercises to Enhance its Cyber Resilience

November 20, 2023

Cyber Coalition, one of the world’s largest cyber defence exercise, aims to enhance NATO, Allies and partners’ ability to defend their networks and operate together in cyberspace. The Exercise provides a unique platform for collaboration, experience-sharing, best practices and experimentation. By working together, the individual participants, as well as their organisations, nations and NATO, enhance their cyber resilience. Cyber Coalition has been a long-planned annual NATO exercise since 2008.

The exercise is planned and conducted by NATO’s Allied Command Transformation under the governance of the Military Committee, bringing together a cyber coalition of NATO Bodies, NATO Allies, and Partners to strengthen the Alliance ability to deter, defend against, and counter threats in and through cyberspace in support of NATO’s core tasks by exercising collaboration and cyberspace operations, and providing input to NATO transformation.

Cyber Coalition is a perfect venue for cyberspace experimentation, and supporting NATO’s capability development and transformation in the cyber domain.

Cyber defence is a core task of NATO’s collective defence. NATO Allies are committed to further their efforts to enhance their cyber defence capabilities, as well as their cooperation with the industry and other key stakeholders.