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NATO 75th Anniversary Student Challenge: Shaping the Future of Security

January 16, 2024

As NATO commemorates its monumental 75th Anniversary in 2024, the spotlight turns to the upcoming generation’s pivotal role in steering the Alliance’s path forward. In a collaborative effort between NATO Allied Command Transformation and the International Staff Human Security Unit, an extraordinary opportunity arises for undergraduate and postgraduate students hailing from the Euro Atlantic area and NATO partner nations.

The “NATO 75th Anniversary Student Challenge” is set to ignite the minds of students, prompting them to delve into NATO’s historical journey, dissect its current challenges, celebrate milestones, and most importantly, envision potential futures for this critical international organization.

The challenge is straightforward yet profoundly impactful: students are invited to ponder and respond to a fundamental question that encapsulates the essence of this milestone anniversary – “How should NATO transform to protect your future?”

This stimulating challenge beckons the brightest minds among undergraduate and postgraduate students, urging them to capture their thoughts, insights, and innovative solutions in concise, three-minute video submissions. The initial phase calls for compelling responses recorded in either English or French, emphasizing clarity, creativity, and originality in addressing the query.

The process unfolds with a meticulous evaluation by a panel comprising esteemed members from NATO Allied Command Transformation and the International Staff Human Security Unit. The assessment encompasses a comprehensive review of content, embracing creativity, originality, audio-visual quality, presentation style, and the relevance of ideas put forth by the entrants.

Selected candidates from this pool of submissions will then be invited to expand on their initial responses, crafting brief policy papers that elaborate on their proposed transformative visions for NATO.

The top three candidates will then embark on an extraordinary journey as they will be granted a prestigious invitation to Washington, DC in the second week of July 2024. Their mission: to present and engage in profound discussions, sharing their visionary ideas directly with senior leaders within NATO.

This exceptional opportunity is open to all active undergraduate and postgraduate students who are citizens of Allied or NATO partner nations and are currently enrolled in academic programs within these nations. Proof of enrolment will be sought at a later stage of the process to ensure eligibility.

Applications for this challenge open today, January 16th, 2024 via the “Award Force” platform, inviting participants to make their mark in shaping NATO’s future. The deadline for video submissions is set for February 29, 2024, with the announcement of the winners scheduled for April 1, 2024.

The stage is set, the call is out, and the pathway to influencing global security awaits within the “NATO 75th Anniversary – Student Challenge.” This landmark occasion not only offers a platform for innovative thinking but also promises to cover travel arrangements and associated costs for the victorious candidates invited to Washington DC.

The countdown begins. The future of NATO eagerly anticipates your ideas, your voice, and your vision. Embrace this unprecedented opportunity and be part of sculpting a safer, stronger world.

Are you ready to shape history?

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