NATO's Strategic Warfare Development Command

Forging the Future of NATO Training and Education: Insights from NATO School Oberammergau

November 15, 2023

OBERAMMERGAU, GERMANY. The Education and Training Plans and Programmes Branch, of the Joint Force Development Directorate at NATO Allied Command Transformation, conducted two important annual events at the NATO School in Oberammergau, Germany, November 7-9 2023.

The NATO Individual Training and Education Conference, and the NATO Individual Training and Education Programme Planning Board, had representation from 24 nations.  These included several national representatives from Albania, Bulgaria, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Finland, Montenegro, Poland, Sweden, Spain and United States of America as well as representatives from numerous NATO entities, NATO Command Structure/NATO Force Structure, and NATO Education Training Facilities and Centres of Excellence.

NATO Individual Training and Education Conference served as platform to illuminate NATO’s education and training priorities, ensuring that they are aligned with the NATO Warfighting Capstone Concept and the Warfare Development Agenda – both cornerstones of NATO Allied Command Transformation’s strategic direction, as well as the Deterrence and Defence of the Euro-Atlantic Area efforts under NATO Allied Command Operations guidance. The presentations and discussions at this conference served as a testament to NATO’s dedication to enhancing its individual training capabilities and underlines the importance of keeping its education and training priorities in order to capitalize on and synchronize cooperation with Nations.

Concurrently, the Planning Board Conference facilitated the formulation of the annual Individual Training and Education Programme, spearheaded by the Joint Force Directorate at Allied Command Transformation.  This conference brought together experts from NATO’s experts in specialist areas to discuss pertinent NATO’s efficacy in responding to the ever-changing training need. These efforts are a reflection of NATO’s commitment to the Warfighting Capstone Concept, and remains agile and responsive in a world where security challenges are constantly evolving.

Both of these conferences underscored the unwavering commitment to strengthening NATO Education, Training, Exercise and Evaluation. They serve as bridges within the Training Community of Interest, fostering collaboration and interoperability among member nations. By bringing together representatives from diverse nations and various sectors within NATO, these events pave the way for the seamless implementation of the NATO Warfighting Capstone Concept across the Alliance. They also provide the perfect platform for shaping mind-set and culture, ultimately enhancing consciousness of Multi-Domain Operations.

When considering NATO’s commitment to collective defence and security, the NATO Individual Training and Education Conference and the NATO Individual Training and Education Programme Planning Board Conferences represent the organization’s dedication to enhancing its training capabilities. These conferences embody how, by uniting representatives from diverse nations and sectors, NATO continues to foster a spirit of collaboration that enables the organization to adapt and excel in an ever-changing security landscape. As the challenges of the 21st century continue to evolve, these gatherings play a pivotal role in ensuring that NATO remains at the forefront of security and defence efforts across the Alliance.