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Change of Command at the Joint Force Training Centre

July 11, 2019

Change of Command at the Joint Force Training Centre

Major General Adam Joks, Polish Army, assumed the command of the Joint Force Training Centre.

He succeeded Major General Wilhelm Grün, who had led the Centre since July 2016. The Change of Command ceremony, led by NATO’s Supreme Allied Commander Transformation General André Lanata, was held on 11 July and gathered close to 200 guests.

“When we gather to mark the departures of colleagues, it always elicits mixed feelings, especially when we work in such a great environment as NATO. Today is such an occasion, and we have to say goodbye to one of the finest generals I have had the privilege to work with, Major General Wilhelm Grün. In the same time, we say welcome to a new commander, Major General Adam Joks” – said General Lanata.

Supreme Allied Commander Transformation highlighted how the Joint Force Training Centre, under dynamic leadership of Major General Grün, evolved to adapt to the Alliance’s ever-changing requirements. ”During the last three years, under your distinguished leadership, Joint Force Training Centre did a great job in many areas” – General Lanata highlighted and stressed four main pillars of the Centre’s expertise. “First, Joint Force Training Centre continued to provide training for current NATO’s operations, such as conducting Resolute Support Mission training and NATO Mission Iraq. (…) Second, Joint Force Training Centre made significant progress in preparing for future operations. (…) Third, the Centre’s contribution to warfare development, particularly through the Coalition Warrior Interoperability exploration, experimentation, and examination exercise, NATO’s premier annual interoperability event and the largest exercise under the Supreme Allied Commander Transformation (…) Finally, fourth, the work related to internal institutional development”.

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