NATO's Strategic Warfare Development Command

Admiral Radakin and General Ruggiero discuss Strategic Engagement in the Maritime Domain.

May 6, 2021


In a recent visit to NATO’s Allied Command Transformation, Admiral Tony Radakin – the United Kingdom’s First Sea Lord and Head of the Royal Navy met with General Paolo Ruggiero, Deputy Supreme Allied Commander Transformation, to discuss the strategic maritime engagement between the United Kingdom and Allied Command Transformation.

Allied Command Transformation’s work adapting and improving NATO’s approach to warfighting is targeted at maintaining the Alliance’s position at the leading edge of modern challenges; in the longer term the Command is focused on the defining a new and ambitious “NATO’s Warfighting Capstone Concept” whilst researching and introducing state of the art innovative solutions and providing the Alliance with extensive interoperability improvements and solutions.

Allied Command Transformation’s Warfare Development Agenda, which draws its inputs from NATO’s Warfighting Capstone Concept, will be implemented by NATO and Allies, individually and collectively, driving the development of new operational concepts and capabilities with “game changing” potential. Focused on a 20-year horizon warfighting perspective and shaping the Warfare Development trajectory, it aims to inform the integrated, timely, effective and efficient development of the Alliance’s Military Instrument of Power. It leverages the connecting tissue that makes the Alliance’s capability greater than the sum of its individual parts.

Admiral Radakin received update briefings on subjects that included the Warfare Development Agenda, the current status of NATO’s Defence Planning Process as well as overviews of the headquarters work on Innovation and development of Emerging and Disruptive Technologies including the United Kingdom’s contribution.

Admiral Radakin was able to update General Ruggiero on the United Kingdom’s current Carrier Strike Group deployment which contributes directly to NATO’s forward posture in support of deterrence and defence, and which is aligned with NATO’s own deterrence and defence concept. The United Kingdom Carrier Strike Group will be NATO’s first 5th generation Carrier Strike Group and is aligned with NATO’s 2030 vision – ‘keeping NATO strong militarily, making it stronger politically and taking a more global approach’.

The United Kingdom’s commitment to NATO is resolute; NATO will remain the bedrock of our collective security in the Euro-Atlantic, capable of addressing the full spectrum of state threats, and will work with like-minded partners to help them build their capacity to meet the same challenges.