NATO's Strategic Warfare Development Command

Allied Command Transformation Hosts Brigadier General Corinne Lonchampt, Director Western Europe & Northern America at the French Armaments Directorate

September 21, 2023

NORFOLK, VIRGINIA – On 19 September, NATO Allied Command Transformation received Brigadier General Corinne Lonchampt, Director WESTERN EUROPE AND NORTHERN AMERICA at the French Armaments Directorate, to discuss and ensure alignment and interoperability between Allied Command Transformation and related French national Lines of Effort.

Given the changing security environment in the Alliance’s Area of Operations, ensuring the alignment of Allied nations’ national policies and efforts and those of the Alliance is paramount to the ongoing mission of defence and deterrence. Such alignment is even more important for the sectors of armaments and procurement, and Supreme Allied Commander Transformation General Philippe Lavigne welcomes the opportunity to coordinate with Allied nations on these important topics at Allied Command Transformation.

Brigadier General Lonchampt’s visit to Allied Command Transformation centred on expanding cooperation between the Allied Command Transformation and French capability development initiatives. In addition to discussing the Command’s post-Vilnius summit development priorities, in-house experts also briefed Brigadier General Lonchampt on Multi-Domain Operations and the ongoing, Alliance-wide Digital Transformation. Brigadier General Lonchampt then interfaced with the Command’s Capability Development leaders, with both parties exchanging views for Common Funded Capability Development and becoming more agile in Common Funded Capability Delivery Governance Models. These conversations are important steps in improving the overall capabilities and interoperability of the Alliance and speaks to Command’s emphasis on quick, agile Capability Development to defend the Alliance’s interests.

Speaking on the importance of Common Funded Capability Development and increased interoperability, Brigadier General Lonchampt said “developing our interoperability and collaboration is crucial for our Alliance, today, tonight and tomorrow”

While in Norfolk, Brigadier General Lonchampt also visited Allied Command Transformation’s Innovation Hub, a leading force behind innovation and outside-the-box thinking within the Alliance. Consisting of a diverse array of community of experts from throughout the Alliance’s Instruments of Power, the Innovation Hub plays an important role in Capability Development and Digital Transformation for the Alliance. The Innovation Hub demonstrated an array of development initiatives to Brigadier General Lonchampt, which the Innovation Hub hopes will help driving forward Alliance integration into capability development in Allied nations themselves.

Brigadier General Corrine Lonchampt is the Director of Western Europe and North America for the French Armaments Directorate. She has served in the French military in various capacities since 1999 and was herself assigned as a staff officer to NATO Allied Command Transformation from 2010 to 2013. During her rotation at the Command, she was responsible for developing the operational requirements of future maritime and logistics Command and Control as well as managing Cyberdefence activities.