Thursday, May 05, 2016
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International CD&E Conference

cde2016 250The Concept Development and Experimentation (CD&E) Conference is HQ SACT and US Joint Staff's (US JS) leading annual forum which provides a unique opportunity for the international CD&E community and stakeholders to discuss the most current issues of concept development and experimentation in the process of capability development.

The host for 2016 CD&E Conference will be the CMDR Centre of Excellence in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Sofia, Bulgaria (Venue TBD)

Dates: 14th to 16th November 2016

Theme: TBD


  • Create environment conducive to information sharing and networking.
  • Contribute to ongoing CD&E work in the Alliance and nations.
  • Share CD&E best practices and lessons learned to the benefit of the participants.

The conference is focused at the Major General level and below, or the civilian equivalent. Attendance from the following fields, as applicable, are desired: CD&E, Research and Development, Science and Technology, Doctrine Development, Military Transformation, Battle Laboratories, Centres of Excellence, Academia, the Defence Industry and Subject Matter Experts based on specific workshops/seminars. Attendees can be from a NATO nation/body, a Partnership for Peace, Mediterranean Dialogue and Istanbul Cooperation Initiative nations or from specific nations who are partnering with the US Department of Defence.

Security Classification and Language:
The program is not classified and is releasable to the public, and is presented and published in English. There are no translation services available during the conference.

Dress Code:
The appropriate dress for the conference and reception is Service Dress uniform or the civilian equivalent (coat and tie).

Conference presentations and other materials:
The conference presentations and other materials will be available on the NATO CDE365 Event page.
(Registration on TRANSNET is necessary in order to access CDE365).

Conference Coordinators:

ACT Lead Planner
Lieutenant Colonel Nikolay Nikolov
SO Capability Engineering & Innovation Division
Concept Development Branch
Tel +1(757)747-4149

US Joint Staff J7 Lead Planner
Mr. Van Edelmann
Tel +1(757)203-6620