NATO's Strategic Warfare Development Command

Allied Command Transformation, through the Warfare Development Agenda, is guiding the planning and implementation of the warfighting imperatives outlined by the NATO Warfighting Capstone Concept.

Allied Command Transformation is committed to ensuring that NATO’s Military Instrument of Power remains relevant into the future. As part of this effort, it is working to deliver NATO’s 2040 Military Instrument of Power by implementing the Warfare Development Agenda.

The Warfare Development Agenda is the framework through which the Supreme Allied Commander Transformation manages the planning and implementation of the NATO Warfighting Capstone Concept. In particular, this framework sequences and synchronizes Allied Warfare Development efforts around the five Warfare Development Imperatives and six Critical Enablers, as well as the associated Lines of Delivery.

The Warfare Development Agenda has a twenty-year horizon with five-year planning increments that are closely linked to the NATO Defence Planning Process. The current Warfare Development Agenda was approved in 2022, and outlines a delivery path that is informed by long-term threats, challenges, and opportunities. The Supreme Allied Commander Transformation delivers an assessment of progress and approaching milestones of the Warfare Development Agenda to the Allies annually.

The implementation of the Warfare Development Agenda is completed through yearly Warfare Development Plans that capture the Supreme Allied Commander Transformation’s Direction and Guidance, translating the Agenda into tangible and measurable Outcomes, Directorate Objectives, and Outputs. In doing so, the Warfare Development Plan prioritizes, organizes, and steers Allied Command Transformation’s Programme of Work across the headquarters and subordinate commands.

The NATO Warfighting Capstone Concept, alongside the NATO Military Strategy and the Concept for Deterrence and Defence of the Euro-Atlantic Area, is one of three high-level documents that guide the use and development of the Alliance’s Military Instrument of Power. Developed by Allied Command Transformation in 2021, this Concept helps to strengthen NATO’s deterrence and defence posture and offers a vision to maintain and further develop NATO’s military advantage into the future.