180618ptec wg400The 2018 Partnership Training and Education Centres Working Group Meeting (PTEC WG) was hosted by Finnish Defence Forces International Centre (FINCENT) and took place in Santahamina - Helsinki, Finland from 18 to 21 June.

The participants included representatives from 22 out of 31 PTECs (11 from NATO countries and 11 from Partner countries), together with representatives from:

• International Staff (IS);
• International Military Staff (IMS);
• Headquarters Supreme Allied Commander Transformation (HQ SACT);
• Bi-SC Military Partnership Directorate (MPD) and;
• NATO School Oberammergau (NSO).

The aim of the PTEC WG was to prepare recommendations for the Commandants of the PTECs on tasks generated at the 18th annual PTEC Commandants’ Conference.

The WG started with a welcoming address of the co-chairmen and Commandant of the FINCENT, and then followed by NATO updates, provided by the International Staff, the International Military Staff, HQ SACT, MPD and NSO.

The PTEC WG participants confirmed the importance of this event and highlighted that it gave them an opportunity to share common issues and concerns, as well as find ways of how to better contribute to NATO Education and Training. They continued the work that was started at the PTEC CC 2018, in three subgroups, on identified topics (Emerging Security Challenges, Projecting Stability and Language) and prepared recommendations to PTEC Commandants.

As a new member of the PTEC Community, the representative of the European Personnel Recovery Centre (EPRC) gave a presentation about their centre.

For more detail, please see PTEC WG Minutes under PTEC Community Share Page.