NATO Operations Research and Analysis Conference


Monday, 05 October 2020 until Tuesday, 06 October 2020

Headquarters Supreme Allied Command Transformation and NATO Science and Technology Organization cordially invite you to virtually participate in the 14th NATO Operations Research and Analysis Conference. Based upon current projections and prudent medical advice, the 2020 Programme Committee has decided to host the Operations Research and Analysis Conference in a virtual format this year from 5-6 October 2020. The Conference will be open to representatives from all NATO Nations, NATO Organizations and Science and Technology Organization Enhanced Opportunity Partners (Australia, Finland and Sweden).

As part of the continuous development of the NATO Operations Research and Analysis Community of Interest, the Operations Research and Analysis Conference will bring together analysts from NATO commands and agencies, national defence analysis and research organisations, centres of excellence, academia, and industry to experience an exciting program with plenty of opportunities for discussion and debate.

The 2020 theme is “Emerging and Disruptive Technology”. The conference will focus on ways that new Emerging and Disruptive Technologies will improve decision making and how the Operations Research and Analysis community can assess the impacts of such technologies on military operations. As always, the conference will also look at best practices and new developments in Operations Research and Analysis.

Despite the new virtual format, we remain committed to providing a profoundly valuable experience and purposeful forum for the NATO analytical community.

Some Key Updates and Notes:

  • The Abstract submission period has closed.
  • The Programme Committee sent out abstract acceptance/rejection notifications on July 14th-15th; if you have not received an email notification, please notify Lieutenant Colonel Pierre Han at
  • There will be a required rehearsal for all presenters (to familiarize with the VTC platform and virtual procedures) to be scheduled in the weeks leading up to the conference; platform to be determined.
  • The Program Committee recognizes the large difference in time zones for authors/participants and will do its best in scheduling events to accommodate for this and minimize impacts.

Click here to open the official calling notice for the 14th NATO Operations Research and Analysis Conference.

Registration for the event is now open. Click the here and register today.

Registration closes on 28 September 2020.

Presentation Guidance

14th NATO OR&A Presentation Guidance

  1. Presenters will have 20 minutes to present their work, followed by a 10-minute question and answer period. Stream moderators will indicate that you are at the 15 min mark and have 5 min left to wrap up presenting before Q&A.
  2. Presentation content should be no higher than NATO UNCLASSIFIED, Releasable to Partnership for Peace Nations and Australia (NATO UNCLASSFIED REL PFP and AUS) level – we highly encourage that your slide presentations be releasable to the public due to the fact they will be streamed using a web streaming service.
  3. Include the classification, and slide numbers on every slide.
  4. Presentation format should be Microsoft PowerPoint or Adobe PDF presentation.
  5. The cover slide should include the title of your work, names of presenters and authors, classification (where appropriate) and contact information. Also include contact information on your final slide (to be left up during the Q&A session).
  6. Any use of videos, music, or any other media must be tested in advance – use them sparingly in case they affect the performance of the web streaming service.
  7. A stream moderator may have to advance your slides during your presentations – please plan/rehearse accordingly.

Additional Information:

  • The web streaming service has not yet been determined, but the committee will let everyone know as soon as a decision is made.
  • Ensure that the verbal presentation dialogue does not exceed the NATO UNCLASSFIED REL PFP and AUS level.
  • Reminder: Presentation slides and papers are due to your stream leads by 02 September 2020.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Programme Committee acknowledges the extraordinary uncertainty during these times and weare actively monitoring the global situation along with adjacent NATO activities. We hope theanswers to the FAQs below assist you in your planning to participate with us this year.

1. How can I participate in the Virtual 14th NATO Operations Research and AnalysisConference?

The 14th OR&A conference is moving ahead as planned, but in a virtual format. Despite thevirtual format, we remain committed to providing a profoundly valuable experience andpurposeful forum for the NATO analytical community. Registration will open early September2020 and will be managed through STO Events. If it is your first time using STO Events, you willneed to create your own account by selecting your own credentials. There is no registration feeto attend the conference, but the online registration process will provide the ProgrammeCommittee with necessary information from participants, allows performing a security check andallows sharing of conference material with validated participants. Please monitor the STO Eventsconference announcement for the Virtual 14th NATO Operations Research and Analysis Conference for the latest information.

2. Who are typical NATO ORA Conference attendees?

Participants are typically analysts who work within NATO or within the defence industries anddefence ministeries of earlier mentioned nations. Participation is limited to representatives fromNATO nations, NATO organizations and NATO Partnership for Peace nations. The onlineregistration process will provide the Programme Committee with necessary information fromparticipants and allows performing a security check.

3. How will the change to a virtual conference format affect me?

There will likely be a few notable changes to the usual conference itinerary that will impactparticipants. This year’s pool of abstracts was the largest we have seen in years withsubmissions coming from incredibly talented candidates across the globe. To avoid prolongedperiods spent online, the Programme Committee will truncate the professional training day of theconference and will create streams dedicated to different topics. A detailed ConferenceProgramme will be published at the STO Events conference announcement for the Virtual 14th NATO Operations Research and Analysis Conference.

4. Can I still submit an abstract for consideration by the Programme Committee?

No. The Abstract submission period has closed. The Programme Committee sent out abstractacceptance/rejection notifications on 14-15 July; if you have submitted an abstract before the 15June deadline and did not receive an email notification, please send an email

5. What are the requirements and timelines for selected authors/presenters?

Selected authors/presenters are requested to submit the following products and no later than 02 September 2020:

  • Your Presentation (presentation guidance will be emailed at a later date)
  • Your Paper (please use the STO template)
  • The Publication Release Form (please use STO form 13(E))
  • A 100 word biography for you (and any co-authors)
  • A digital portrait picture for you (and any co-authors)
  • We strongly encourage that contributions are releasable to the public and marked PUBLIC RELEASABLE

6. Will the conference content be made available prior to the event?

Yes. The presentations and a detailed Conference Booklet will be made available via the STOEvents conference announcement for the Virtual 14th NATO Operations Research and Analysis Conference one week prior to the event. For this reason, a validated registration through STOEvents needs to be completed. Please note that this conference material will be uploaded to STOEvents and accessible at the conference announcement under the conditions that a) yourregistration is validated and b) you are logged in.

7. Will Conference Proceedings be published after the event?

Yes. Conference Proceedings will be published on the Publications section of the STO Website.These proceedings will contain a Programme Committee Foreword, an Executive Summary,Papers, Presentations and the Conference Booklet. This publication is expected to be finalizedlate 2020.

8. Is this a classified conference?

Conference material will be presented via an open, non-NATO network. While the ProgrammeCommittee will attempt to implement every security measure possible, we strongly encouragethat presentations are releasable to the public and are marked PUBLIC RELEASABLE.Relatedly, the presentation, paper, dialogue and discussion should not exceed the level “NATOUNCLASSIFIED, Releasable to PFP and AUS” to allow discussions with an audience fromNATO nations, NATO organizations, NATO Partnership for Peace (PFP) nations and STOEnhanced Opportunity Partners (Australia, Finland and Sweden).

9. Why is the Publication Release Certificate (form 13-E) needed?

The form 13(E) is required because it confirms that the author(s) allow the NATO Science andTechnology Organization to publish your material on its website as part of the ConferenceProceedings.

The classification marking makes clear what you think the distribution can or should be. Weprefer Public Releasable (no restrictions), but NATO Unclassified, Releasable to PFP and AUS(for distribution within NATO only with an exception for some NATO partners as they are allowedto attend the conference – All Partnership for Peace Nations and Australia).

Authors can sign off the form or have it co-signed by the Public Affairs Office/DisclosureOffice/Security Office.

Box 1 - information on title/all authors/contact info
Box 2 - mark ‘Published by STO’ + ‘Presented at an STO meeting’
Box 3 - mark ‘Approved for Public Release’ or ‘NATO Unclassified’, when ‘NATO Unclassified’ ischosen ‘Releasable to Partner for Peace Nations (PfP)’ and ‘Releasable to the following non-NATO countries: Australia’ also need to be marked
Box 4a - strike through unless in your organization a higher authority needs to approve releaseof content.
Box 4b - for US only, when applicable follow instructions as described.