2018opsem swedintOperations Planning Seminar 2018 will be conducted on 22-24 May 2018 at the Swedish Armed Forces International Centre (SWEDINT, one of the PTECs), located at the Lifeguards Regiment in KungsƤngen, Sweden.

Operations Planning Seminar is an arena where experienced, long term horizon (J5), operations planners and teachers centered on the Nordic countries can network, discuss and enhance own knowledge of NATO Operation Planning Process on the Military Strategic and Operational Level.

Operations Planning Seminar 2018 is a seminar for experts, where knowledge of the Operation Planning Process is a requirement. Typically, the participants will represent a Strategic/Joint/Single Service Headquarters, a NATO Partnership Education and Training Centre (PTEC) or a Command and Staff College.

Selected speakers from NATO HQ, NATO Command Structure (NCS), NATO School (NSO) and other entities will present experiences related to collaboration among levels, status of guiding documents and share how parts of the OPP is conducted in the respective HQs.

Syndicate work will seek to identify recommended ā€Best Practiseā€ related to different steps in the OPP and thereby bringing the participants into a situation where they are better suited to lead, contribute to and/or teach operations planning.
The OPSEM is planned to be an annual activity focusing on topics related to OPP.