NATO's Strategic Warfare Development Command

This is a firm fixed deliverables contract for contractor support to provide and install the video walls within Headquarters SACT’s entry lobby area. This is a high visibility project with very compact timelines for completion.

Those wishing to respond to this NCB should read this document carefully and in its entirety, and follow the guidance provided.

This NCB is open to companies:

  1. Established in a North Atlantic Treaty Organisation Alliance member nation.
  2. Working in the required field of study and legally authorised to operate in the United States of America, at the time of bidding.
  3. Which have demonstrated the desired past performance as described in this NCB.
  4. Offering key personnel who are citizens of NATO member nations.

The contract awarded shall be effective upon date of award. Installation shall be complete NLT 1 June 2023.

Due date for the submission of responses is 12:00 EST on 28 April 2023, Norfolk, Virginia, USA.

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