The National Liaison Representatives are uniformed military nationals appointed by their nation’s government to NATO in a national capacity. The NLRs provide Headquarters, Supreme Allied Commander Transformation with national viewpoints and information from national sources, and serve as a channel of communication between HQ SACT and their national authorities.


There is a clear advantage in having National Liaison Representatives collocated with Supreme Allied Commander Transformation in Norfolk, Virginia, as the transformation processes continue to develop. Early involvement by nations has been of mutual benefit for Allied Command Transformation, NATO, and the senior defence leadership of nations involved.

NATO National Liaison Representatives listed alphabetically by nation:

  • alALBANIA - Colonel Fatmir Lokaj, Albanian Army
  • beBELGIUM - Colonel Koen De Clercq, Belgian Army
  • bgBULGARIA - (Acting) Lt. Colonel Valentin Velkov, Bulgarian Army
  • caCANADA- Lt. Colonel James Marshall, Royal Canadian Air Force
    • Deputy - Major Sam Perreault, Canadian Army
  • hrCROATIA - Colonel Branimir Tojcic, Croatian Army
    • Assistant - Major Danko Baricevic, Croatian Army
  • czCZECH REPUBLIC - Colonel Jiri Vavra, Czech Air Force
    • Deputy - Captain Marek Gresak, Czech Army
  • dkDENMARK - Brigadier General Steen Ulrich, Danish Air Force
    • Deputy - Colonel Michael Mouritsen, Danish Air Force
    • Deputy - Lt. Colonel Jens Assum, Danish Army
  • eeESTONIA - Colonel Vahur Valjamae, Estonian Army
  • frFRANCE - Colonel Bruno Heluin, French Army
    • Deputy - Colonel Benjamin Vinot Prefontaine, French Air Force
  • deGERMANY - Colonel Huber Katz, German Army
    • Deputy - Major Sandra Wilhelm, German Army
  • grGREECE - Colonel Petros Sassaris, Hellenic Air Force
    • Deputy - Lt. Commander Argyro Tzagkaraki Neraki, Hellenic Navy
  • huHUNGARY - Colonel István Juhász, Hungarian Army
    • Deputy - Lt. Colonel Geza Gulyas, Hungarian Army
  • isICELAND - Mr. Hreinn Palsson, Icelandic Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • itITALY - Colonel Angelo Borgogelli, Italian Army
    • Deputy - Lt. Commander Giampiero Fabretti, Italian Navy
  • lvLATVIA - Colonel Egils Kupcs, Latvian Air Force
  • ltLITHUANIA - Colonel Aleksiejus Gaizevskis, Lithuanian Army
  • luLUXEMBOURG - Ms. Veronque Dockendorf, Luxembourgish Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • monMONTENEGRO - Vacant
  • nlTHE NETHERLANDS - Captain L. (Lennart) G.J. van den Berg - Royal Netherlands Navy
  • noNORWAY - Colonel Gerhard Larsen, Norwegian Air Force
    • Deputy - Lt. Colonel Tor Are Harvey, Norwegian Army
  • plPOLAND - Captain Tomasz Kepka, Polish Navy
    • Deputy - Captain Piotr Klepka, Polish Navy
  • ptPORTUGAL - Colonel Carlos De Melo, Portuguese Army
  • roROMANIA - Colonel Mihai Stir, Romanian Air Force
    • Deputy - Lt. Colonel Mihai-Ilie Rusu, Romanian Army
  • skSLOVAKIA - Colonel Svetozár Bohuš, Slovakian Air Force
    • Assistant - Lt. Colonel Ladislav Suvák, Slovakian Air Force
  • siSLOVENIA - Colonel Tadej Burgar, Slovenian Army
  • esSPAIN - Colonel Fermin Olay, Spanish Army
    • Deputy - Commander Ignacio De Ayala, Spanish Navy
  • trTURKEY - Captain Emre Parlak (acting), Turkish Air Force
  • gbUNITED KINGDOM - Captain Al Wilson, Royal Navy
  • usUNITED STATES - Colonel Steve Rose, United States Air Force
    • Deputy - Mr. Greg Freeburn, United States Department of Defence

Partnership for Peace National Liaison Representatives listed alphabetically by nation:

  • atAUSTRIA - Colonel Guido Kraus, Austrian Army
  • azAZERBAIJAN - Colonel Sadig Farzaliyev, Azerbaijan Army
  • fiFINLAND - Captain Kjell Torner, Finnish Navy
  • geGEORGIA - Lt. Colonel Romani Kavtaradze, Georgian Army
  • seSWEDEN - Colonel Ulf Landgren, Swedish Air Force
  • chSWITZERLAND - Lt. Colonel Reinhard Eugster, Swiss Army
  • mkNORTH MACEDONIA - Vacant
  • uaUKRAINE – Colonel Valerii Churkin, Ukrainian Army

NATO Interface:

  • HQ NLR Interface - Cdr Heath Sarvis, United States Navy