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At the invitation of General Denis Mercier, Supreme Allied Commander Transformation, the Military Committee travelled to one of Allied Command Transformation's subcommand, the Joint Analysis and Lessons Learned Centre in Montsanto, Portugal.

General Mercier and General Petr Pavel, Chairman of the Military Committee also met with the Minister of Defence, H. E. Mr. Jose Alberto de Azeredo Lopes and the Portuguese Chief of Defence, General Artur Pina Monteiro.

Upon arrival at the Military Airbase in Lisbon, General Pavel and the Military Committee received an official Welcome and Honour Guard and were greeted by Allied Command Transformation Chief of Staff, Air Marshal Graham Stacey. At the Joint Analysis and Lessons Learned Centre, they were welcomed by the Commander, Brigadier General Mario Barreto.

The focus of the Military Committee's two-day meeting was adaptation and innovation, as part of the continuous effort to ensure the Alliance addresses both current challenges and tasks as well as keeps pace with technological and operational changes.

In order to gain deeper understanding and awareness, the Military Representatives received subject matter expert briefings from senior military and civilian officials from Allied Command Transformation, NATO Headquarters Consultation, Command and Control Staff, NATO Communication and Information Agency, NATO Maritime Command and STRIKFORNATO. Topics of discussion included NATO Command Structure adaptation, long term military strategic considerations, Cyberspace, emergence of disruptive technologies, and Maritime domain. The visit will also assist ongoing work for the 2018 Summit in Brussels.

At the joint press conference with General Mercier, General Pavel stressed: "The Military Committee's visit to Allied Command Transformation in Portugal is very timely, as our discussions will be reflected in products for the July NATO Summit and beyond. NATO must be prepared as much for the now as for the future. With an ever changing and complex international security environment affecting strategic assumptions, it is essential that we operate and adapt at the same time".

General Mercier remarked: "Transformation is not an aim on itself, it is about the transformation of our military capacity. Consequently, warfare development is the actions we take to adapt our military capacity to the rapidly changing security environment. From the discussions we had, I see coming not only sharing best practices but also emerging new ideas".

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