170913i301 400NATO, like many successful and enduring organizations, continuously adapts to the changing security environment. NATO’s adaptation efforts focus on the transformation of NATO’s military capacity, to ensure the Alliance remains relevant and credible, now and in the foreseeable future, against any potential adversary.

Allied Command Transformation helps position NATO with industry, academia and private enterprise to ensure that we make the right policy choices in an increasingly complex security environment. Recently, Allied Command Transformation created a series of events to challenge current assumptions and focus military and civilian personnel to initiate, innovate and imagine the workplace the best positions the Command and NATO for continuous success.

170913i3logoInitiate. Innovate. Imagine. Or, i3, is about leveraging and federating the ability to think differently and do differently.

Over the course of a dedicated i3 week, Dr. PW Singer, Dr. Richard Lum, Garry Hargreaves, Dr. John Kao and other thought leaders brought to the fore new ways to push innovation into current work streams. MD5 Boot Camp is an unparalleled opportunity for military organizations to address some of their most pressing challenges. Here, staff members received instruction by professors from the University of California, Berkeley on topics related to innovation and intrapreneurship. Focused sessions about Design Thinking, Human Cantered Design/Co-Creation framed problems and interview skills in order to tackle topics dealing with communication and technology related challenges. Alternative Analysis and Concept Development and Experimentation techniques also helped address the challenges. The United States Navy NAVSEA Lean Six Sigma College sponsored sessions to provide a general awareness of the basic concepts of Continuous Performance Improvement as performance improvement methodologies. The Belbin Team Inventory, a behavioural test devised by Meredith Belbin to measure preference, assessed how an individual behave in a team environment. The assessment included 360-degree feedback from observers as well as the individual’s own evaluation of their behaviour, and contrasted how they see their behaviour with how their colleagues do.

170913i301 400As a transformational, flexible and adaptive Command, Allied Command Transformation continuously invests in innovation, development and communication, in order to tackle the issues and problems that we face as an Alliance. Innovation goes beyond just coming up with new ideas. The foundational key to success in becoming an innovative organization is to create a culture of innovation—an environment that encourages creative ideas and innovation on an ongoing basis. Done right, this adaptation helps set the course for Command adaptation for the foreseeable future.