Lessons and Analysis

Lessons Learned capabilities reinforce the continuous transformation and modernization of NATO forces and military capabilities. Lessons identified are recorded and implemented for future missions and exercises. The Joint Analysis and Lessons Learned Centre plays a crucial role in the NATO-wide Lessons Learned process. Through all of this – an innovative mind-set and the application of disruptive technology is the driver and catalyst for change. Innovation is arguably the essence of military transformation and “the engine” of Warfare Development. It aims to provide coherence to the Alliance’s military instrument of power, today and in the future.

NATO defines its Lessons Learned capability as follows: "A Lessons Learned capability provides a commander with the structure, process and tools necessary to capture, analyse and take remedial action on any issue and to communicate and share results to achieve improvement."

The purpose of the NATO Lessons Learned capability is to learn efficiently from experience and to provide validated justifications for amending the existing way of doing things in order to improve performance for (subsequent) operations.

As such the NATO Lessons Learned capability comprises several important elements: leadership, mindset, structure, process, tools, training and information sharing.