cyberCooperative Cyber Defence Centre of Excellence (CCD COE), Tallinn, Estonia
October 19th 2010


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NATO and the global supply chain are increasingly dependent on the cyberspace commons for operations. This dependence brings vulnerabilities and risks to NATO operations.

On Thursday 19 October 2010, ACT along with the Cooperative Cyber Defence Centre of Excellence (CCD COE), hosted a one-day workshop with some 40 participants, which focused on rapid changes and vulnerabilities in the cyberspace commons, and made recommendations for NATO’s way ahead.


What are NATO’s stakes in the Cyberspace Commons?

How does NATO assure its access to cyberspace to conduct operations in support of Alliance security at home as well as in out-of-area missions, and what are the current challenges to that access? – ie: How will opponents and adversaries deny and/or disrupt access to the Cyber commons?

How can NATO’s operational access to cyber Networks be strengthened in the future?

At a policy and strategy level, what could NATO do to strengthen its future secure access to the Cyber Commons?

How can a Comprehensive Approach (integrated government, commercial and military effort) assure access to the Cyber Commons?


The agenda for this workshop is available here.

Biographies can be found here.

An overview is provided here. This was used to create a common frame of reference for the Cyberspace Workshop.

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