170517mccs400General Denis Mercier joined the meetings of Allied Chiefs of Defence on May 17th to discuss the threats and challenges that face the Alliance, NATO’s role in fighting terrorism, the RESOLUTE SUPPORT mission in Afghanistan and the NATO Command structure.

The discussions also addressed the potential for joining the Global Coalition against ISIL.

Meeting for the second time in 2017, the Chiefs of Defence took the opportunity to provide additional military advice to keep NATO ready, relevant and able.

The Chiefs of Defence also developed recommendations on capability development and resource requirements to continue to underpin NATO’s current and future tasks, operations, missions and activities relating to both Defence and Deterrence and Projecting Stability.

Speaking during this session, General Mercier said, "it is essential to dedicate the appropriate resources (financial and human resources), to synchronize national priorities with the targets [...] to ensure the interoperability of all these capabilities with NATO standards and doctrine, and, when required, to ensure that these capabilities are available for NATO operations; which is part of Burden Sharing."

The meetings took place ahead of the Heads of State and Government meetings which will be held at NATO’s new Headquarters on May 25th, 2017.