190115mc chods400On the 15th and 16th January, the Allied Chiefs of Defence gathered for their first meeting of 2019 in the Military Committee in Chiefs of Defence Session at NATO Headquarters in Brussels.

The meetings, led by Air Chief Marshal Sir Stuart Peach, Chairman of the NATO Military Committee, supported in each session by General Curtis M. Scaparrotti, Supreme Allied Commander Europe, and General André Lanata, Supreme Allied Commander Transformation saw the Chiefs of Defence discuss NATO’s current and future strategic challenges as well as NATO’s Military Strategy, its Deterrence and Defence Posture and the Alliance’s Readiness Initiative.

The Chiefs of Defence met with their Operational Partners and exchanged views on the NATO-led Resolute Support Mission to train, assist and advise Afghan Institutions and National Defence and Security Forces as well as discuss the regional security situation. The NATO - Georgia partnership was also discussed, with a particular focus on the progress of the Substantial NATO-Georgia Package and this concluded with a broader discussion on the Western Balkans and the Kosovo Force Mission.

Also discussed was Warfare Development and improving Common Funded Capability Delivery. It was the opportunity for General Lanata to evocate his thoughts on how Allied Command for Transformation can support NATO’s future.

Allied Command Transformation, as the Alliance’s Warfare Development Command, seeks to optimize NATO’s ability to meet the challenges of the future security environment.  The organisation. with its partners, intends to design NATO’s coherent military instrument for today and tomorrow. With the fast pace of technological advance in defence matters, it is paramount to maintain this role in order to keep the Alliance’s edge.

General Lanata also stressed the importance of developing new approaches to shape the future capabilities of NATO, focusing on Innovation, experimentation, and modelling and simulation.