China Report #2

Executive summary

The China BLUF Assessment from June 2021 analyzes Beijing’s reaction to the new NATO’s Communique definition of China as a systemic challenge to the international order and to the Alliance security. Not surprisingly China’s official reaction to the statement has been of criticism and rejection. At the same time, the analysis shows that unusually harsh responses from China on G7 and NATO are a sign that President Xi is very much afraid of a western united anti-China front: Beijing is trying to leverage Europe hoping that it remains fragmented and divided in its approach to China within the Atlantic Alliance.

Like last month report, the June’s monitoring also confirms China’s aggressive posture within the international fora, aimed at pursuing the ‘China dream’ and at achieving the ‘national rejuvenation’ through a “rule-setting” attitude. Special attention is given to Beijing diplomatic activities within the BRICS, the SCO and ASEAN.

In the Indo-Pacific, China’s military activities during the month of June have been particularly offensive with Malaysia and Japan. With reference to Taiwan, the approaching of the 100 anniversaries of the Chinese Communist Party has opened speculations in the west on what the next step of President Xi Jinping’s would be for the making of the ‘China dream’ and for achieving ‘national rejuvenation’. This of course, include investigating feasible timing for the Taiwan invasion.

In conclusion, Chinese evolving role in Africa and the MENA region is widely reviewed in this assessment. Beijing has intensified multilateral cooperation with major local powers in Afghanistan, like Russia, Iran, and Pakistan. Moreover, in the wider MEN region, Chinese presence in the arms market and in the military-security domain is steadily growing. Lastly, a new report revealsthat Beijing’slong-term design in the African continent is not to encourage or support Africa’s development for its own sake but rather to make the continent fit into a new subsystem comprising much of the global South that China aspires to dominate once the new Sinocentric order will be settled.

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