China Newsletter #7

In this newsletter:

  • PLA Air Force accelerates pilot cadet training with advanced trainer jets, Global Times
  • PLA Likely Begins Construction of an Intercontinental Ballistic Missile Silo Site near Hanggin Banner, Air University (AU), China Aerospace Studies Institute
  • China reportedly converted civilian ferries for amphibious assault operations, Human Events
  • From marriage of convenience to strategic partnership: China-Russia relations and the fight for global influence, Merics
  • Will the Sino-Iranian Agreement Serve the Ambitious Geopolitical Interests of China?, Carnegie Endowment
  • Biden's Indo-Pacific Policy Blueprint Emerges, RAND Corporation
  • A Glimpse of Chinese Ballistic Missile Submarines, CSIS
  • China’s Blended Approach to Security in Africa, ISPI
  • Expanding China’s Central Asia Playbook to Afghanistan, Jamestown

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