China Newsletter #1

In this newsletter:

  • Seeking Serenity: A New American Influence Strategy for Southeast Asia And Beyond, War on the Rocks
  • Biden leaves China a Xinjiang terrorism problem with US exit from Afghanistan, South China Morning Post
  • Tianhe Launch Marks a Key Step in China’s Growing Space Ambitions, The Jamestown Foundation Global Research and Analysis
  • The PLA Navy’s ZHANLAN Training Series in 2021: Growing Emphasis on Joint Operations on the High Seas, The Jamestown Foundation Global Research and Analysis
  • Watch Out: China’s Type 093A Attack Submarine Has Powerful Upgrades, The National Interest
  • Non-Nuclear EMP Weapons: How to Deter China's Growing Military Might? , The National Interest
  • China Wants To Revive A Strategically Located Airfield Deep In The Pacific: Report, The Drive
  • Shifts in Diplomacy undermine China’s international standing, Clingendael Netherlands Institute of International Relations

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