160221hackathon400NATO Allied Command Transformation (ACT) is starting a new initiative to conduct regular hackathons in the area of Enterprise Architecture (EA). A Hackathon is an event in which computer programmers and others involved in software development collaborate intensively on software projects.

The EA Hackathon is part of a larger transformational effort in NATO, aimed to improving standardization, operational effectiveness and cost efficiency. To develop this event series, ACT will leverage the resources, human network and communication channels already established for TIDE Sprint.

The 1st Enterprise Architecture Hackathon (EA Hackathon) will take place at the Holiday Inn Krakow City Center in Krakow, Poland, April 4th to April 8th. At this event, the participants will develop, produce and promote their solutions to the given challenges. They will work in teams; a selection board will validate the solutions and award the winner.

The event participants will bring in their national expertise, as well as bring back knowledge for the benefit of their own countries. Additionally, the invitation of Academia and Industry speaks positively about the openness and transparency of such event as well as NATO as a whole.

The objectives are to promote the EA discipline; to share knowledge, enhance synergies in the EA community between Modelling and Coding communities, NATO Enterprise and the Nations, Military, Industry and Academia; and to find solutions to problems difficult to solve by traditional means.

160222hackathon logoThe EA Hackathon directly supports the activities inside the ACT Command and Control Focus Area. The outcomes will help to develop a common, practical and attractive approach to Mission Threads modelling in NATO. The Mission Threads Capstone Concept, recently approved by the NATO Military Committee, will require a practical tool suite for its implementation.

Mission Threads promote an operation-centric approach to architecting, designing and implementing CIS capabilities. This approach shall improve the mission effectiveness by promoting interoperability and standardization. One of the main immediate applications of Mission Threads is the FMN (Federated Mission Networking) initiative.
Additionally, the EA Hackathon participants will work on new, innovative ways to use the Consultation, Command and Control (C3) Taxonomy – an ACT product that has been endorsed by C3 Board and is already used by NATO and NATO Nations.

International Participants from Military, Industry and Academia will attend either as teams (2-3 people) or individually (assigned to a team). Related profiles include enterprise architects, system and requirements engineers, software developers and graphic / interface designers.

Further information regarding the registration process details can be obtained by sending a request to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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