141001fmn250On behalf of Supreme Allied Commander Transformation (SACT), the Federated Mission Networking (FMN) Implementation Seminar has been successfully completed in Vilnius, Lithuania. The two-day Seminar was attended by 33 nations and over 190 attendees.

Specifically mentioned in the Wales NATO Summit declaration, FMN is a unique initiative. It neatly brings together the notion of enhanced interoperability, it respects the important roles of partners in the federation and it improves command and control while building on the lessons of the Afghan Mission Network (AMN). It is a key component of the Connected Forces Initiative (CFI) and the achievement of NATO Forces 2020.

Allied Command Transformation used the Seminar to continue the work to operationalise national and NATO FMN ambitions by addressing six important areas including doctrine, FMN affiliation, mission threads, training and exercises, alignment within NATO Defence Planning Process (NDPP) and synchronisation with Cyber Defence development.

Attendees were updated on best practices, and received information on how fielded national capabilities can be utilised to deliver FMN quickly and cost-effectively. NATO and national representatives also contributed to defining strategic solutions to the most challenging of FMN issues.