150615grooms250Supreme Allied Commander Transformation (SACT), General Jean-Paul Paloméros, recently bid farewell to Deputy Chief of Staff Capability Development, Vice Admiral Bruce Grooms, during a ceremony at the Headquarter's Flag Plaza.

Admiral Grooms is both leaving the Command and retiring from the US Navy, at the end of the week. General Paloméros expressed his deep gratitude for Admiral Grooms’ highly appreciated contribution during his 35 years of service, and especially during the last two years, instilling momentum and dynamism in the Transformation of the Alliance. General Paloméros highlighted the significant and highly positive impact Admiral Grooms had on the enhancement of the NATO Defense Planning Process, the NATO Federated Mission Networking Implementation Plan, and the promotion of a deeper Dialogue with Industry, a key enabler of Innovation in the Alliance, to name just a few of his many achievements.

“I personally fully and sincerely appreciated your loyalty, your steadfast commitment, your ever-informed advice to manage this extremely dense and crucial period for the Transformation of the Alliance. You were definitely a standing pillar in the command on which I could always rely on. I would also like to wholeheartedly thank your wife Emily, who accompanied you during this rich and rewarding career”, General Paloméros expressed in his closing remarks.

The farewell ceremony was attended by the staff honouring the outstanding leadership Admiral Grooms provided during his entire career.