ETEE P&P has the lead responsibility, in conjunction with all appropriate NATO organizations and in coordination with relevant non NATO entities for anticipating, developing, updating policy, doctrine, standards and solutions through NTG and appropriate WGs within the political framework.

Plans and Policy   Global Programming Approach to Training

Revision of E&T policy, provide strategic guidance through specific directives and contribute to higher NATO policy documents
  • Policy
  • Directives
  • Training Concept
  • Training Plans
  • Direction ad Guidance
  • NTG Secretariat

Ensure NATO’s training and education requirements are clearly defined and ultimately satisfied through the delivery of quality learning opportunities within existing education and training facilities for individuals and for exercises
  • Governance, Development Methodology, and Production Planning for NATO requirements
  • Standards Based and Mission Focussed training for Full-Spectrum Operations
  • Focussed on Individual Training, Collective Training, and Exercises
  • Rooted in the Systems Approach to Training
  • Quality Assured offering accreditation and assessment of delivery organizations