Coalition Warrior Interoperability eXercise

cwix-logo.pngCWIX - Achieving Federated Interoperability now!

Interoperability between allied and partner nations multiplies the strength of our forces, allowing them to act together as one. It is at the core of NATO's ability to collectively defend our nations, deter aggression, and project stability. Interoperability directly contributes to the freedom and security of NATO's member and partner nations.

The Coalition Warrior Interoperability eXercise, or CWIX, is NATO’s premier interoperability event. At CWIX, nations and organisations come together and collaborate to verify and validate their ability to work alongside each other. At CWIX, scientists, operators, industry representatives, with military operators, explore, experiment, examine, and exercise their emerging, near fielded and fielded capabilities. Only when people, processes, and technology are fully interoperable can commanders be confident that our multinational force are fully effective and ready for NATO missions from the outset.

At the highest levels, NATO recognises that interoperability enhances information sharing between NATO and partner nations and that interoperability is the key enabler that improves situational awareness, so we can make better decisions faster. Not only does this increase the likelihood of success, but it also serves the men and women of our militaries by reducing operational risk and keeping them safe.

CWIX allows nations to experiment, test and de-risk their deployable systems before undertaking missions such as the NATO Response Force. It allows commanders to ‘fine-tune’ their Command and Control capabilities before achieving combat readiness at the Steadfast Cobalt and Trident Juncture exercises. Nations will also test interoperability between mobile tactical radios in preparation for the Very High Readiness Task Force, they will test and improve cyber awareness and will confirm ‘day zero’ readiness of deployable Command and Control capabilities. In 2019, CWIX also aims to improve the way that medical records are passed between our nations to speed up the delivery of medical support, and will explore the future of data science and what it means for the Alliance.

CWIX addresses a wide spectrum of technical and procedural interoperability between currently deployed, near-term, future and experimental capabilities. Interoperability testing before and during development reduces deployment times and cost, minimizes system failure in NATO missions and allows nations to design interoperability into their systems. At the same time, CWIX fosters innovation by identifying and solving interoperability shortfalls, experimenting with alternative approaches, and exploring emerging technologies. Altogether, CWIX helps maintain the military advantage of NATO and national troops in an increasingly complex and uncertain global security environment.

NATO's Allied Command Transformation leads the annual CWIX programme that takes place at the Joint Force Training Centre in Bydgoszcz, Poland. CWIX 2019 will see representatives from 36 NATO nations, partner nations, and international organisations will test and improve interoperability between three hundred Command and Control capabilities and Information Technology services.

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