Coalition Warrior Interoperability eXercise

cwix-logo.pngCWIX - Achieving Federated Interoperability now!

Federated interoperability is a key part of every capability and has a force multiplying effect in terms of operational effectiveness and cost efficiency. The CWIX 2020 VIP event will demonstrate the resilience of NATO and partner nations as they continue to innovate in order to improve interoperability, even during a global pandemic.

CWIX is NATO's premier interoperability event, operationally driven and technically supported, that meets a broad spectrum of interoperability validation and verification requirements. The Command & Control (C2) capabilities present at CWIX span the complete Communications and Information Systems (CIS) spectrum and represent the current, near-term, future and experimental capabilities of NATO and its Partner Nations. CWIX puts an emphasis on systems that will deploy with NATO-led operations, particularly those related to Federated Mission Networking (FMN) as a major component of the enhanced NATO Response Force (eNRF), Very High Readiness Joint Task Force (VJTF), and Initial Follow on Forces Group (IFFG) roadmap to support military readiness.

At the highest levels, NATO recognises that interoperability enhances information sharing between NATO and partner nations and that interoperability is the key enabler that improves situational awareness, so we can make better decisions faster. Not only does this increase the likelihood of success, but it also serves the men and women of our militaries by reducing operational risk and keeping them safe.

CWIX allows nations to experiment, test and de-risk their deployable systems before undertaking missions such as the NATO Response Force. It allows commanders to 'fine-tune' their Command and Control capabilities before achieving combat readiness at the Steadfast Cobalt and Trident Juncture exercises. Nations also test interoperability between mobile tactical radios in preparation for the Very High Readiness Task Force, they test and improve cyber awareness and confirm 'day zero' readiness of deployable Command and Control capabilities.

CWIX addresses a wide spectrum of technical and procedural interoperability between currently deployed, near-term, future and experimental capabilities. Interoperability testing before and during development reduces deployment times and cost, minimizes system failure in NATO missions and allows nations to design interoperability into their systems. At the same time, CWIX fosters innovation by identifying and solving interoperability shortfalls, experimenting with alternative approaches, and exploring emerging technologies. Altogether, CWIX helps maintain the military advantage of NATO and national troops in an increasingly complex and uncertain global security environment.

CWIX normally culminates in an annual execution event, mainly at the Joint Force Training Centre (JFTC) in Bydgoszcz, Poland. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic however, CWIX 2020 will be a fully distributed event that takes place at national locations across the classified Combined Federated Battle-Lab (CFBL) Network and purpose-built unclassified networks. To this end, CWIX 2020 will – even in times of crisis – provide NATO, member and partner nations and other organizations with a controlled environment to test, identify and fix their interoperability issues to continuously improve NATO interoperability and resilience in future crisis.


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