HQ SACT is seeking contract support for two studies that will address the future needs of Warfare Development and serve to meet some of the requirements of the initial NATO Warfighting Capability Concept (iNWCC). These studies are:

  • Space Technologies Horizon Scan Study
    • Identification of which future technologies could be used and how they may be integrated;
    • Identification of risks and opportunities these new technologies and tools present to the Alliance.
  • Small Satellites in Military Space Operations Study
    • Overview of small satellites and availability for potential military use within various functional areas;
    • Potential and limitations of CubeSats in various functional areas;
    • Overview of current and future commercial and govt. capability to launch small satellites;
    • Operational use cases;
    • Identification of risks and opportunities;
    • Recommendations for the Alliance.

Both studies will be developed over a 12-month period.

Period of Performance: Base Period: 6 January 2021 – 15 December 2021

Bid Closing Date: 03 December 2020, 09:00 Eastern Standard Time, Norfolk, Virginia, USA. No bids shall be accepted after this time and date.

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