The breadth of instability affecting the Euro-Atlantic area, together with challenges such as hybrid warfare and aggressive non-state actors, compels the Alliance to increase the pace of its adaptation. From a military perspective,the complexity and uncertainty of the strategic environment, the interrelated nature of crises, and the growing challenges to our technological edge, require us to change our mind-set and the way we conduct warfare. To remain credible,and relevant now and in the future, the Alliance must make the right decisions today.

In this context, ACT works towards strengthening NATO's Defence and Deterrence Posture to ensure it remains ready, responsive and able to fulfil the three core tasks our Nations have determined: Collective Defence, Crisis Management, and Cooperative Security.

My intent is to enhance and sustain a modern and agile combat system for NATO by supporting and improving today's operational capability, understanding and shaping the future, and bridging the two.

To achieve this, Allied Command Transformation will concentrate on six essential, and interrelated, Focus Areas (FA): Command and Control (C2), Logistics and Sustainability, Collective Training and Exercises, Partnerships, Capabilities and HumanCapital. With C2 as the driving force for NATO's future success, these FAs will guide our core efforts providing integrated outputs for the Alliance's adaptation, thus strengthening our Posture and ensuring its 360 degree approach.

Through innovative thinking and experimentation, advanced exercises and constant engagement with partners and stakeholders, we will deliver our best military advice to NATO Nations to support them in the preparation of their future capabilities,in the most transparent and rigorous cost-efficient way. Shaping our vision of NATO's military capacity along these lines for the next 15 years will drive our efforts as we strive to guarantee our level of efficiency and responsiveness over the long term.

Commander's Vision

I see ACT as the driving force for transforming NATO's combat system in the face of a constantly evolving and unpredictable geostrategic environment.

We strengthen the credibility of the Alliance's deterrence and defence posture today through innovation at all levels. In concert with ACO, we enhance NATO's operational capability with an ability to further develop and improve our military capacity through a clear understanding of the future threats and challenges we face, and pioneering solutions to address them.