The Training and Exercise (TREX) Branch is responsible to ACOS JETE for the synchronisation, co-ordination, and compilation of tasks involving training for NATO operations and missions. This involves major NATO collective training and exercises to include all political/military exercises and internal support to HQ SACT training issues associated with transformational capability development projects and initiatives. The Branch is the primary point of contact for requests initiated by external commands on matters relating to training and exercises in preparation for current and future operations The TREX Branch consists of the following functional areas organised by section: Training and Exercise Programming (TEP), Current Operations Training and Exercises (COTE), and Future Operations Training and Exercises (FOTE).

Training and Exercise
Programming Section
  Current Operations Training
and Exercises Section
  Future Operations Training
and Exercises Section

The principle role of this section is to develop and manage the Military Training and Exercise Programme (MTEP) to meet SACEUR’s requirements. The online version is the eMTEP. This is a web based programme designed to assist exercise programmers and planners in the development of NATO Collective Training and operational/strategic exercises. Planners insert exercise details such as training dates, the aim, budget information, etc. on the eMTEP which is then visible to other planners. This allows visibility of exercise details to a large audience and facilitates concurrent planning. In addition, the Section prepares the ACT Collective Training Support Programme of Work and co-ordinates and programmes the Host Nation Support for exercises.


The COTE Section is primarily focussed on maintaining the training programme for troops preparing to deploy on NATO operations. This responsibility encompasses the co-ordination and facilitation of ETEE activities for both NATO and non-NATO Troop Contributing National (TCN) forces or indigenous forces in support of current NATO operation. Additionally the Section acts has the role of technical training authority with responsibility to: maintain oversight of training; co-ordinate any out of country training of indigenous forces; provide support to in country training; prepare to deploy Mobile Education Training Teams (METTs); and facilitate lessons learned analysis.

This Section leads the planning and execution of all exercises where HQ SACT is designated the Officer Scheduling the Exercise (OSE) in the MTEP. The role of OSE involves establishing the requirements of the exercise, scheduling events in the MTEP, directing the exercise planning and execution phases, ensuring that adequate funding is in place, validating the exercise results and endorsing lessons identified. The Section manages the involvement of Senior Mentor support to major exercises; these retired senior officers provide invaluable guidance to commanders conducting an exercise. The Section also plans, co-ordinates and facilitates the NATO Exercise Planning Course.