With over 360 participants from 39 nations around the world, including Australia, Singapore, Japan, Finland and Brazil, this year’s virtual International Concept Development and Experimentation (ICDE) Conference, run 26 – 29 October, had its highest ever number of participants and nations.

From Unmanned Autonomous Systems to hybrid warfare, Modeling & Simulation, Virtual Wargaming, Fast-Tracking Development, Useful Fiction “FICINT” Narrative Writing, Life in Space - the 2020 International Concept Development & Experimentation Conference brought an interactive agenda with a variety of keynote speakers, hands-on experiment proposals, innovative concepts, activities and exhibits to the participants in attendance.

Pushing the envelope for virtual events with an innovative conference concept, the 2020 International Concept Development and Experimentation showed the way for future virtual NATO events.

The International Concept Development and Experimentation Conference is NATO's annual forum for the international Concept Development and Experimentation community and stakeholders to discuss the current issues of concept development and experimentation in the capability development process. The Conference is hosted by Headquarters Supreme Allied Commander Transformation, and normally co-hosted by the Ministry of Defence of a host nation. Originally planned as a 20th Anniversary event in Paris, the event was a bold experiment in exploiting and exploring the virtual format to the fullest, with lots of pre-recorded content to facilitate global participation. The live portions of the four day conference were timed for access by participants in Europe and the East Coast of the United States, but the conference also featured live participation from speakers as far away as Australia.
To understand more about the conference concept and its lessons, please feel free to get in touch with the Concept Development Branch: