NATO’s Allied Command Transformation participated for the first time in the United States Space Symposium in Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA, to highlight NATO’s newly released Overarching Space Policy and the importance of international military cooperation.

The Space Symposium offered NATO a platform to engage with its Allies and commercial service partners to encourage cooperation, enhance interoperability, and identify Space support in NATO operations, missions, and activities.

NATO Allied Command Transformation’s Deputy Chief of Staff for Capability Development, Lieutenant General David Julazadeh, joined as a guest speaker on the International Military Collaboration Panel. Other national space commander panelists included General John Raymond (USA), Brigadier General Luca Capasso (Italy), Major General Michel Friedling (France), Air Vice Marshall Paul Godfrey, OBE (United Kingdom), Air Marshall Mel Hupfeld (Australia), and General Shunji Izutsu (Japan).

The United States Chief of Space Operations, General John “Jay” Raymond, discussed the importance of Military Collaboration in Space in the Era of Multi-Domain Operations and Digital Transformation. The panel was moderated by Ms. Kelli Seybolt, Deputy Undersecretary of the US Air Force for International Affairs.

The Importance of Partnerships and Cooperation with Allies

Through networking and multiple engagements with influential national and coalition partners, the NATO delegation increased Alliance opportunities for information sharing and consultation in Space-related matters, in particular Space Domain Awareness.

The delegation built strategic partnerships and participated in workshops with senior Space authorities. They identified future opportunities and collaborations on Space domain implementation and met with leading nations to seek support for operational Space support, education and training, and command and control.

The Need for a Robust, Persistent, and Reliable Space Domain Awareness

To ensure the continued support and provision of relevant Space data, products, and services from crucial Space capable nations, NATO seeks to increase Space expertise with a strong Space cadre and reinforce interoperability among Space actors, entities, and systems. This is one of NATO’s main lines of effort in its Approach to Space for the upcoming years.

“The Space Symposium was an opportunity for NATO to raise political and military awareness about NATO’s policy and objectives,” said Robert Kroeger, “thus contributing to the main motto of the Symposium that Nations, through Military Space Collaboration, will be Stronger Together. We look forward to returning to the Symposium in 2023 with Supreme Allied Commander Transformation, General Philippe Lavigne.”

Learn more about NATO’s Overarching Space Policy here.

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