NORFOLK, VA – Allied Command Transformation received Major General Jez Bennett, Deputy Commander of NATO Rapid Deployable Corps Italy, on May 16th, 2023, for a series of discussions on multi-domain operations. NATO Rapid Deployable Corps are rapidly deployable multinational High Readiness Force Headquarters that belong to NATO’s integrated military structure.

Allied Command Transformation hosted Major General Jez Bennett, Deputy Commander of NATO Rapid Deployable Corps Italy, on May 16th, 2023, for a series of office calls and briefings. Topics included joint force development, experimentation and war gaming, capabilities, and multi-domain operations.

Prior to becoming Deputy Commander at NATO Rapid Deployable Corps Italy, Major General Jez Bennett was the Director of Capability for the British Army, with focus on integrated defence and security review. NATO Rapid Deployable Corps Italy is based in Milan, with additional infrastructure in Solbiate Olona.

NATO Rapid Deployable Corps can be quickly dispatched to provide command and control of NATO forces. The first of these corps was created in 1992; currently, there are nine NATO Rapid Deployable Corps Headquarters located throughout Europe, each capable of commanding up to 60,000 soldiers. These Rapid Deployable Corps Headquarters possess a broad spectrum of capabilities, including planning, logistics, command and control, which can be applied for a wide range of missions, including disaster management, counter-terrorism, and high-intensity war fighting.

Currently, the Rapidly Deployable Corps Headquarters consists of:

  • Headquarters Allied Rapid Reaction Corps, United Kingdom
  • Headquarters EUROCORPS, France
  • Multinational Corps Northeast, Poland
  • NATO Rapid Deployable Corps, Italy
  • NATO Rapid Deployable Corps, Türkiye
  • NATO Rapid Deployable Corps, Germany
  • NATO Rapid Deployable Corps, Spain
  • NATO Rapid Deployable Corps, France
  • NATO Rapid Deployable Corps, Greece

These Rapidly Deployable Corps Headquarters are under direct control of Allied Command Operations, one of the two strategic commands of NATO, responsible for the planning and execution of all Alliance operations. Allied Command Transformation is the other strategic command, responsible for the transformation of NATO’s military structures, forces, capabilities and doctrines. Combined, they are called the NATO Command Structure: through cooperation and collaboration between Allied Command Operations and Allied Command Transformation, NATO is able to provide a capable and effective military instrument of power for security threats to the Alliance.