NORFOLK, Va. (Nov. 9, 2019) – Staff members and their families from the North Atlantic Treaty Organization’s (NATO) Allied Command Transformation attended and participated in Old Dominion University’s Military Appreciation Football Game, Nov. 9. Thirty years ago today the Berlin Wall fell to reunite Germany and Europe. At NATO's home in North America, NATO leadership and staff are joining with our American hosts and neighbors in celebrating our shared values at a football game.

NATO’s Supreme Allied Commander Transformation General Andre Lanata took part in the game’s opening ceremony. Additional special guests at the game included Deputy Supreme Allied Commander Transformation General Paolo Ruggiero, Allied Command Transformation Chief of Staff Vice Admiral Paul Bennett, and the commander for U.S. Second Fleet and Joint Force Command Norfolk, Vice Admiral Andrew "Woody" Lewis.

"For numerous years, the City of Norfolk and the Hampton Roads community has served as exceptional hosts for NATO Allied Command Transformation staff and their families," said General Lanata.

This American football game celebrating our Alliance ‘s 70th anniversary, provides a unique opportunity to honor, besides our American friends, our Veterans and soldiers and to reaffirm our strong commitment to the local community.

During the Halftime Show, NATO military and civilian staff members paraded across the football field with 29 Member Nation flags to demonstrate the solidary of the transatlantic Alliance. Throughout the game, NATO videos and interactive commentary emphasized NATO’s importance in North America, as well as NATO’s 70th Anniversary.

“It was truly an honor to represent my country today during the Halftime Show and every day,” said Command Sergeant Major Simon Florin, Romanian Air Force. “I really felt like the crowd cheered and supported NATO. It was great to be recognized within the community.”

As one of NATO’s two strategic commands, Allied Command Transformation has been located in the United States since its inception in 2003. The city of Norfolk, and the region as a whole, serve as exceptional hosts to military and civilian personnel from allied and partner nations who are assigned to Allied Command Transformation.

Allied Command Transformation is both a symbol and instrument of the transatlantic security link between Europe and North America. The command exists to preserve the peace, security and territorial integrity of Alliance member states by leading the NATO’s warfare development.

Allied Command Transformation's Teaser Video