Digital Transformation, one of General Lavigne’s pillars for future-proofing the Alliance, was the centrepiece of the recent meeting between Allied Command Transformation and NATO Communications and Information Agency delegations in The Hague, Netherlands.

Supreme Allied Commander Transformation, General Philippe Lavigne visited the NATO Communications and Information Agency’s campus in The Hague, Netherlands on 11 March 2022 where he met with the General Managers of the NATO Communications and Information Agency and the NATO Support and Procurement Agency. They discussed the collaboration between Allied Command Transformation and the Agencies to accelerate transformation of NATO through agility and innovation, key factors to drive the Digital Transformation of the Alliance. At a crucial time for the Alliance due to the unfolding crisis in Europe and the increased risk for cyber threats, the well-being of the NATO Enterprise supporting the warfighter is paramount; Digital Transformation is a strategic endeavour in order to strengthen the Alliance’s centre of gravity and its cohesion. Enhanced interoperability and interconnectivity means a stronger NATO, able to maintain its strategic advantage.

The Digital Transformation is a mandatory step for the Alliance to embrace multi-domain operations. It will enable the acceleration of innovation and embrace leadership, people, data, processes, organization and technology: a cultural mind-set change where experimenting and learning from failure is the norm. Innovation is a proven way to accelerate this transformation, and Allied Command Transformation has demonstrated its feasibility and operational value through project like TEXAS, JIGSAW, and Project Aware. These projects have benefited from NATO Communications and Information Agency's SANDBOX, a framework of agile implementation processes that allowed for significant time saving compared to traditional development.

“In an age of Data predominance, the digital transformation of NATO is imperative to maintain our strategic advantage. There is an operational necessity for digital transformation to achieve cross-domain operations, optimize effects and to conserve Command and Control superiority. To achieve such an ambition, we need to work as a team and the Agency is a key player” said General Philippe Lavigne.

Leaders also discussed advancements on NATO’s Defence Innovation Accelerator for the North Atlantic – or DIANA – a protected transatlantic innovation community which will provide a network of technology test centres and accelerator sites to better harness civilian innovation for NATO’s security.

“This visit was an excellent opportunity to deepen our cooperation across NATO, with both Allied Command Transformation and with the NATO Support and Procurement Agency,” said NCI Agency General Manager Ludwig Decamps. “The NCI Agency is committed to supporting Allied Command Transformation in its work to future-proof the Alliance – and technology plays a critical role in this future.”