General Philippe Lavigne, Supreme Allied Commander Transformation, recently hosted the Italian Chief of Defence, Admiral Giuseppe Cavo Dragone, in Norfolk, Virginia, NATO's home in North America.

"Today's challenges and threats require international cooperation," said General Lavigne. "Friendship, partnership, and cooperation with the Nations such as Italy are necessary for Alliance security in a complex and volatile environment," he added.

Discussion between General Lavigne and Italy's highest National military position within NATO centred on NATO's Warfighting Development Agenda, Multi-Domain Operations, Digital Transformation, and Layered Resilience.

"Italian Defence is keen to support Supreme Allied Commander Transformation in his key role to transform the Alliance to effectively react or anticipate the continuous challenges that NATO faces," said Admiral Cavo Dragone in his remarks.

Allied Command Transformation's unique location in North America and its innovation ecosystem were of interest to General Dragone, particularly the cooperation with United States-based academia, scientific communities, traditional and non-traditional defence industry.

Admiral Cavo Dragone also met with the Allied Command Transformation Italian community permanent staff assigned to Norfolk, headed by Deputy Supreme Allied Commander Transformation, General Paolo Ruggiero who underlined the significance of the visit in the current geopolitical context.

The Chief of Defence then visited the recently established Joint Force Command Norfolk where he met with its commander, Vice Admiral Daniel Dwyer. During the visit, Admiral Cavo Dragone expressed the full awareness of the Italian Defence for the multi-domain challenges of the Alliance in the Atlantic Area and the Arctic. He confirmed full support to the new operational reality of Joint Force Command Norfolk and its assigned responsibility over the vast area between Florida and Finnmark, the northernmost part of continental Europe.

The Chief of Defence is the highest national military position within NATO. A list of the 30 NATO Chiefs of Defence is listed here.