Ambassador Philippe Etienne, French Ambassador to the United States of America, visited Headquarters Supreme Allied Commander Transformation on October 7th, 2019.

The main purpose of his visit was to receive a thorough update on the NATO Defence Planning Process, with a special focus on the road to the upcoming December Leaders' Meeting in the United Kingdom, objectives and challenges including burden sharing, and an update on the status of NATO-EU cooperation.

After an introduction from Chief of Staff dedicated to Allied Command Transformation’s role, missions and interaction with Allied Command Operations, Ambassador Etienne was briefed on Allied Command Transformation's work strands with special attention to Innovation and Emerging Disruptive Technologies, contribution to NATO Headquarters and the Nations.

Other briefings focussed on regional dimensions including Russia and China, Space as an operational domain and the creation of a new Space command in Washington, D.C., NATO-EU cooperation with the ongoing cooperation between Allied Command Transformation and the European Defence Agency.

Before departing, Ambassador Etienne also met with the French community at Allied Command Transformation, one of the largest international communities in the Hampton Roads area.