Joint Advanced Distributed Learning is NATO’s award winning eLearning management system and is widely used to provide distance learning to all members of the Alliance. The system hosts a plethora of courses provided by NATO organisations and Commands which includes training  for Cyber, Maritime Interdiction Operations, NATO’s Civil Emergency Planning and International Relations to name but a few. It currently supports 72,000 users.

NATO’s critical mission must continue, notwithstanding the current pandemic. In these unprecedented times and with the world on lockdown, Joint Advanced Distributed Learning has proved to be an invaluable tool in allowing NATO to continue to provide world class training to its personnel, safely, wherever they may be.
Since March, the number of subscribers has increased by 6,700 including 29 subscribers from NATO’s newest member, North Macedonia. During the same time period, the tool has delivered 7,016 online courses - an increase of 30 percent. The training continues to grow as the Alliance adapts and innovates to overcome the challenges of social distancing, dispersed working and the ‘new normal’.
An impressive example of the utility of eLearning system is the current training delivery in support of NATO Mission Iraq. This is the first iteration of a fully on-line pre-deployment training course.

In only three weeks NATO’s Modelling & Simulation, Training Technologies Branch of Allied Command Transformation, has developed this training into an online course which is providing 120 students from 10 nations with six hours of training per day for six days.

Joint Advanced Distributed Learning will provide the students with 13 fully interactive lessons, 20 video modules, and, 10 quizzes in addition to access to forum discussions, live chats and required reading. This may be further developed to deliver pre-deployment training for the next Resolute Support deployment.

The global pandemic has meant that the Alliance has had to change its ways of working and Allied Command Transformation continues to provide a resilient and innovative solution to the training needs of the Alliance.