NATO's Strategic Warfare Development Command

NITEC / IPB 2023

On 07-09 November 2023, the Education Training Programmes and Plans (ETPP) from the Joint Force Development Directorate (JFD/ACT) will organize and conduct the annual NATO Individual Training and Education Conference (NITEC), and the NATO ITEP Planning Board (IPB) Conference at NATO School Oberammergau (NSO) in Oberammergau, Germany.

Our focus is continuing on the critical work necessary to strengthen NATO Education, Training, Exercise, and Evaluation (ETEE) to better link the training Community of Interest (CoI) and foster cooperation to ensure synchronization and interoperability.

Therefore, these two events will be held sequentially and in person, according to the following agenda:

NITEC (07-08 Nov 2023):


To present NATO priorities on NATO E&IT in connection with the NATO Warfighting Capstone Concept (NWCC) and Warfare Development Agenda (WDA), as well as the Deterrence and Defence of the Euro-Atlantic Area (DDA) efforts under SHAPE guidance in order to capitalize on and synchronize cooperation with Nations.

Expected Audience:
  • NCS/NFS;
  • Representatives of Allied and Partner Nations;
  • National individual training representatives from the Joint Level of NATO Nations (normally at OF-4 / OF-5 level);
  • Representatives from IPB.
Main Topics:
  • Developments since NITEC 2022;
  • Update of SACEUR’S Guidance for Education (SGE) and SHAPE Annual Collective Training & Education Direction (CT&E);
  • Warfare Development Agenda (WDA) Updates;
  • Policies and Directives Updates (E&IT focused);
  • Job Descriptions Importance;
  • National presentations on E&T (e.g. Lessons Learned, Cyber, Distinguished Military Research, Multi Domain Operations, Digital Transformation);
  • Academic subject proposals.

IPB (08-09 Nov 2023):


To facilitate the production of the annual out-year ITEP, prepared by HQ SACT JFD, and provide a forum for stakeholders to discuss related issues.

Expected audience:
  • Representatives from Discipline Department Heads (DH), Requirements Authorities (RA), NETFs, CoEs, PTECS, National ETFs, and Academia;
  • Representatives from NCS/NFS HR, Allied & Partner Nations, and Others, based on area of expertise;
  • Observers/SMEs; Representatives from HQ SACT JFD, JWC, JFTC, and JALCC, other HQ SACT and SHAPE divisions.
Main topics:
  • Developments since IPB 2022;
  • e-ITEP 4.1 version;
  • New Training Technologies (e.g. ETEE FS update, JADL update);
  • Job Description Process;
  • Global Programming Policies and Directive updates, Battle Rhythm;
  • Coordination of Cross ETF Delivery;
  • QA Institutional Accreditation and NATO Course Certification;
  • ITEP enhancement and JADL contribution for E&IT.

Registration / Points of Contact:

  • The registration will be done through the Registration Portal on NSO Internet Page. The details will be sent with the Invitation Letter no later than 15 Sep 2023.
  • Nations and ETF representatives are limited to two conference attendees. This does not include conference speakers.
  • ETPP POC: LTC (PRT-A) Telmo Hing, +1 (757) 747- 3343 [email protected].

Other Issues:

  • All subjects to discuss in this meeting are UNCLASSIFIED.
  • The ETPP Team will be accommodated in the Bold Hotel, Oberammergau.
  • More information will follow on this page in due course.