181130defcouns400NATO and Partner Nations Delegates attend Defence Counsellors briefing.

Forty-one delegates from 28 NATO Nations as well as Finland and Sweden were hosted by Supreme Allied Commander Transformation, General André Lanata, at the Command headquarters Oct. 29-30, for a Defence Counsellors briefing.

The purpose of the visit was for General Lanata and his team to raise awareness and understanding with the Defence Counsellors on Warfare Development as implemented in the NATO Command Structure Adaptation, the delivery of concrete military capabilities in the hands of operators, and to demonstrate Allied Command Transformation-led innovations through ongoing and future programmes. "I am convinced that we face a security environment that requires a 360 degree approach, which compels us to adapt. [...] ACT is serving the Nations. Therefore it is of utmost importance to understand your expectations and needs," said General Lanata.

The delegation received briefings highlighting the importance of long-term military transformation, the NATO common-funded capability model, and the re-establishment of the U.S. Navy Second Fleet Command. NATO is the most successful alliance in history because it embodies the vital transatlantic bond – a bond that guarantees prosperity, security and freedom, in Europe and in North America. NATO’s commitment to each member nation is that an attack against one Ally is an attack against all. A strong NATO is a force-multiplier for the United States and every other Ally.

The Defence Counsellors are part of the Permanent Representative delegation of their member country within NATO headquarters in Brussels.