2015 1Vol. 11, Issue 1
Spring/Summer 2015

This edition of The Transformer magazine focuses on the changes the Alliance is going through from having an operational focus in Afghanistan to centre its activities around contingency, or being ‘ready’ and showing potential across its full mission spectrum. NATO will this year execute its largest live exercise since 2002, with 35,000 troops — mainly in Italy, Portugal and Spain. Exercises represent the highest; the most complex form of Education and Training activities, one of ACT’s main tasks. ACT provides a coherent and integrated training system, contributing directly to maintaining a collective set of national forces in a rapidly evolving and uncertain security environment.


2014-02Vol. 10, Issue 2
Fall 2014

This edition of The Transformer magazine sets the spotlight on the Science and Technology Organization in NATO, the Alliance's new "super agency". The second theme of this edition is the Wales Summit outcome for ACT's Programme of Work, especially in light of a changed geo-political climate.

2014-01Vol. 10, Issue 1
Spring 2014

ACT has been a force for transformation for more than 10 years. As the Command looks beyond 2014, transformational achievements can be seen in past and current operations and exercises; always in favour of positively shaping future NATO forces. Such successes are presented in this edition with a four-dimensional view, where each topic belongs to the high, wide, far, or flexible dimension of NATO's transformation.

2013-02Vol. 9, Issue 2
Fall 2013

NATO Centres of Excellence (COE) directly support transformation. Each Centre specialises in an area of expertise, hence the term "Centre of Excellence". This edition features the specialties, achievements, or noteworthy points of current or future activities chosen to be highlighted from each NATO COE.

2013-01  Vol. 9, Issue 1
Spring 2013

This issue is dedicated in part to the topics of Transformation and the CFI which is the current focus of NATO and ACT Headquarters as the organisations move into a NATO Force 2020 mindset. This effort is intended to ensure that NATO forces are connected, properly equipped, trained, exercised and led. Articles in this edition also discuss the FMN, partnerships, ACT's transformational development, training, and information sharing, to name just a few.

2012-02  Vol. 8, Issue 2
Fall 2012

This edition is focussing on Innovation in a military transformational environment.



Vol. 8, Issue 1
Spring 2012

From this issue of the Transformer, Allied Command Transformation's Bi-Annual magazine has now made its way into the cyber sphere, where you can interact with the article authors. Every article has a blog function attached to it.

Vol. 7, Issue 2
Fall 2011

Enhancing Capabilities Through Concept Development and Collaboration with Industry
Inside this issue: SACT Responds to Call for Smart Defence;
Concept Development and Experimentation Ten Years Later;
NATO Countering the Hybrid Threat and much more.

Vol. 6, Issue 2
Winter 2011

Assured Access to the Global Commons
Inside this issue: Assured Access To The Global Commons In The 21st Century; Structuring Partnerships For Evolving Ambitions; 'Partnerships' After The Lisbon Summit: Opportunity, Challenge Or Threat; Transformation Of NATO C-IED; Relationship With Industry And Academia: Increasing Opportunities For Collaboration and much more.

Vol. 5, Issue 3
Winter 2010

SACT Virtual Development Begins
Inside this issue: ACT Uses M&S to Enhance Training, Capabilites; ACT Hosts 6th Annual Industry Day; MODSIM World and the Modern Operating Environment; NATO Modelling and Simulation Centre of Excellence Discusses Technical Requirements; ACT Hosts 2009 Chiefs of Transformation Conference; NATO Warfare Development Group Hosts Technology Symposium and much more.

Vol. 5, Issue 2
Summer 2009

Multiple Futures Project Contributes To Strategic Concept, Defence Planning
Inside this issue: ACT's Support to the Strategic Dialogue: Developing a New Alliance Strategic Concept; NEITMS – the Transformational Means of Effecting NATO Education and Training; NNEC: The Right Information at the Right Times Achieves Mission Success; Cooling Assumes Responsibility as ACT COS and much more.


Vol. 5, Issue 1
Spring 2009

Multiple Futures Project Final Report
Inside this issue: Multple Futures Project Final Report;
ACT Welcomes Albania and Croatia;
2009 NATO Network Enabled Capability Conference; ACT Enhances modeling and Simulation Capability and much more

Vol. 4, Issue 2
Summer 2008

Allied Reach/MC Visit
Inside this issue: NATO's Top Leaders Collaborate on NRF; Strategic Dialogue through "Multiple Futures" Framework; Conference Shapes NATO Expeditionary Operations; Education and Training Conference and much more

Vol. 4, Issue 1
Spring 2008

Inside this issue: Transformation of NATO Has Made Significant Progress; Counter-IED Team works to Reduce Casualties in Afghanistan; ICECAP Brings Emerging Technologies to Reality; French NCO Returns from Afghanistan and much more

Vol. 3, Issue 4
Winter 2007

ACT Change of Command
Inside this issue: ACT, USJFCOM honour outgoing commander;
"Fostering Cooperation" the focus of ACT Industry Day;
ACT ushers in Public Affairs at first ever PA conference;
JALLC holds Lessons Learned Conference and much more

Vol. 3, Issue 3
Aug 2007

ACT celebrates 4th Anniversary
Inside this issue: NURC vessel surveys sunken sub;
ACT welcomes Adm. Zappata; NATO School holds NCO course;
ACT launches language initiative


Vol. 3, Issue 2
Apr 2007

ACT restructures
Inside this issue: ACT hosts 4th NNEC conference;
Steadfast Jackpot planning conference concludes in Naples;
NATO MC visits ACT; SACT signs MoU for Air Ops CoE

Vol. 3, Issue 1
Jan 2007

2006: A comprehensive look back
Inside this issue: A look at all the major ACT stories of 2006; Allied Reach 06 tackles NRF support issues; ODU Symposium examines future security challenges; and much more

Vol. 2, Issue 3
Oct 2006

SACT hosts Chief of Transformation
Inside this issue: NATO leaders to establish CIMIC CoE; SACT marks third anniverary; NURC takes part in marine life risk research project; NATO school welcomes Iraqi students

Vol. 2, Issue 2
Jul 2006

NRF put to the test in Cape Verde
Inside this issue: SACT: NATO Transforming for the future;  CJOS Centre of Excellence MoU a 'win-win' for all involved; NATO NCOs meet to discuss interoperability and standards; NATO School METT visits Algeria.

Vol. 2, Issue 1
Mar 2006

ACT conducts tests in Istanbul
Inside this issue: Allied Reach 06 tackles NRF support issues; PfP: chance for dialog and cooperation; High-tech a double-edged aword; ACT to conduct HUMINT course; ACT hosts NRFC Mid-Winter Meeting