acor300x250Strategic Issues and Engagement – SIE

The Academic Outreach Function is Strategic Plans & Policy Division's portal to Academia and Think Tanks. It is responsible for the establishment of cooperative relationships, as well as coordinating the Division's engagements with academic institutions.

All related activities are designed to improve ACT's Academic network for the mutual benefit of HQ SACT and our partners.

This relationship comprises several activities:

  • The Academic Conference, an annual event that ACT sponsors and organizes in collaboration with partner Academic Institutions, is the major event in support of the development of the Academic Network. Associated with our existing MOU, the Academic Conference has been historically organized in cooperation with the University of Bologna.
  • The NATO Model Event is a decision-making simulation modelled on the NAC format, carried out by the AcOR Team together with a partner Academic Institution. It serves as a primary engagement effort for current students, as well as a tool offered to engage new partners.
  • The Young Professionals Day (YP Day) promotes direct engagement with a generation of future leaders. It is designed to engender debate and information sharing that will help inform future policy-making in the Alliance.